4ef063 d611nk 50ff6 1a1^e 5u9 0f 3a13r?

Question:guys and girls this is a puzzlement if any body understand what this sentences mean i will give him 5 stars and he is the most smarter person on internet ..
this is sentences join number and letter if any body give me the true sentences in English he will won

I personally think that question was very offensive.
"he will won""he is the most smarter person on the internet"
What if a girl wins? what then?
before dr..nk .offr .a..e .u. of ea.er?
I almost got it! what now!
it says-give me ten points
I think you need to hold it in front of a mirror.

I think a person is pretty smart if they understand your English. No offense but I have no clue what you are trying to ask.
something about drinking?
blurgh, nice one =D
I'm trying to decide which is the worse English - your question or your additional details.
Drinking decaf is dangerous?

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