☼ wants to know.Can you write a little story that includes these " O " song titles?

Question:I'm going to go through the alphabet.
Nope. This is not homework...Just some wholesome ,creative FUN on YA.

If you can turn this into a love story between Sunshine MacGillicutty and U.S.Marshal Matt Dillon, ( "Gunsmoke") the judges will smile their pearly teeth!!
1. Old Cowboys Like me
2. One Jump Ahead Of The Storm
3. Oh You Beautiful Doll
4. One good reason
5. Once In A Lifetime Love
6. On The Wings of a Dream

BONUS: Oops! ...I Did It Again.

It was Thursday night; the night when the guys got together and played cards at the Longbranch Saloon.
They were at their usual table. Matt liked the back table because he could see everything from there. One good reason? a law man was on duty 24 hours a day.

The room was filled with cowboys, farmers and soldiers. They came to drink, dance with the girls and listen to Miss Sunshine sing her songs.

"you got any 4's" ? asked Festus

"No" replied Matt
"No..go fish " replied Doc

"Can I ask you fellers somethin?" asked Festus as he squinted his right eye

"Go ahead" answered Matt as he picked up a card

"Member me tellin' you fellers about that new girl that Miss Kitty hired"?

"The one with hips wider than an axle"? chuckled Doc

"Now Doc, she aint got no sucha thing. She looks mighty good to an old cowboy like me. In fact she looks like she road in on the wings of a dream". stated Festus as he squinched up the right eye again

" To each his own, I found my once in a lifetime love" said Matt with a smile. "Someday Miss Sunshine and I will get married and have a whole passle of kids, but I'm getting one jump ahead of the storm".

Just then, Sunshine appeared walking across the room toward where the guys sat playing cards, a vision of loveliness in red sequins and a white feather boa.

"Ohhh you beautiful Doll" cried Matt

Stumbling on her white boa, she fell into Matts arms.
"Oops...I did it again" she giggled.
Sunshine MacGillicutty and The U.S Marshal had a ONCE IN A LIFETIME LOVE. It transcended time and troubles, always staying ONE JUMP AHEAD OF THE STORM. It was the kind of love each of us desperatly hopes to encounter.. beautiful, unchanging, eternal. It was the kind that you dream for, the kind that could illumiate the soul and melt the heart without ever a spoken word; the kind that could cause your soul to soar into escasty, and began ON THE WINGS OF A DREAM.

Mashall Dillion was often questioning of sunshines undying devotion to such a rogue as he, as before her he had never encounterd such dedication in anyone, he'd ever met.

One night, taking sunshine into his arms, holding her tightly, firmly as if the whole world depended on that moment. reminicsent of a moment in the love affair between Scarett O' Hara and Rhett Bultler, Marshall Matt gazed intently into sunshines dark, penetrating eyes and said, "Gimme ONE GOOD REASON you should love OLD COWBOYS LIKE ME?" Soflty sighing with elation, sunshine stated gently, "how could i not?"
Marshall Matt, overwhelmed with adoration and devotion for his gorgeous sunshine exclaimed, "OH YOU BEAUTIFUL DOLL." then he kissed her...

their story continues..
Sunshine MacGillicutty lived in a small town in Georgia. The blonde, blue eyed, 22 year old beauty was always one jump ahead of the storm. She swept the boys away with her witty charm and bright smile. She had suitors by the mile, but Sunshine always found a good reason to go home alone. They were never good enough. "Oh you beautiful doll!" the towns-women cheered, "won't you meet with my son?" they would plea. But Sunshine wasn't looking for a fling- she was loking for her once in a lifetime love. She knew that one day he would sweep her off her feet, and fly her on the wings of a dream to her fairytale ending. One day her thoughts were interrupted by an old familiar voice in the background-"Blue-eyed MacGuillictty is that you?" Sunshine turned around. "Oh my goodness, Matt!" she exclaimed "- or should I say U.S.Marshal Matt Dillon- I can't believe you're back!" Sunshine hadn't seen her old highschool crush since he was recruited during WWII. Butterflies whisked in her stomach. "Finally," smiled Sunshine, " at least ONE handsome fella left in this town." She winked at Matt. "Well," boasted Matt," what can you expect? They just don't make old cowboys like me anymore!" Sunshine laughed just like she always did when Matt was around. "Are you laughing at me?" Matt asked jokingly. "I can't help it" Sunshine laughed. "oops... I did it aigain!" she giggled. The two held hands as they stared into each other's eyes. "can I walk you home?" asked Matt in a shy voice. Sunshine smiled at him and replied, " I can't thing of one good reason not to."
Sunshine MacGillicutty was brought away to the forbidden forest...she was kidnapped actually. The legend had it that if the magician, Cowadales married the sun, he would be able to rule the universe. Unfortunately, the sun was already dead. They built a humongous torchlight to replace the sun. Since Cowadales was so desperate, he decided to marry sunshine since there was a 'sun' in it.

He sent his tabby cat and Tabby kidnapped her for one good reason. To take her pendant which was heart shaped. Tabby was a magical cat and he had summoned a carriage to dump her in. He stole the pendant while she was sleeping and along the way he sang to the horse. Oh You Beautiful Doll, You darling Oh Doll, You make me Happy, When skies are White, You have such a long tail that's as becautiful as goldiclocks hair and you smile so beautifully.
Too bad, for the Tabby Cat, he didn't have the power to understand the horses's language. The horse in the meantime was getting extremely angry singing. Old Cowboys like me! Yes, Cowboys like me! Have a cow's heart inside.we love to ride around the merry field and not go along with crazy cats...We love to take one jump over the storm.and aha! They had reached Cowadales...

"At last, you have brought me Sunshine!"
"No!NO!NOOOO!I shall not marry you!" Just then, Matt Dilton jumped into the scene and sang the wings of a dream you have ruined! But the flying wings of mine you have not! I love you my darling sunshine just don't show me that glaring eyes!
"Once in a Lifetime love appears...it is that chance you have to grab..." Matt said and 'poof!' he vanished into thin air!!!

I admit that this is a terrible story...
Sunshine and Matt have the greatest love story going. Your stories seem so real. I wouldn't even try this. In my own mind I think you really do know James Arness and he reads all your stories, smiling all the time. Sunshine, I believe you're destined for greater things because of the stories you've written. Good luck girl. Go git'em.
I would take a stab at this one, but I notice that I don't do my best writing when I'm distracted.(see my letter N story...lol) And I'm at work, the ultimate distraction. I'll tackle P when you post it as I'll have the whole weekend to puzzle out a tale.
It was late afternoon. Miss Sunshine was out working her ranch just outside Dodge. Seemed like everyone had a ranch, no matter what else they did. Miss Sunshine mopped sweat from her forehead. The little windmill that pumped water to her vegetable garden had broken down, so she was carrying buckets by hand to the wilted plants. One good reason to have a vegetable garden was not starving to death, she mused to herself.

Was it the heat, or was it just her imagination flying on the wings of a dream? She thought she saw U.S. Marshall Matt Dillon, coming toward her on his stallion. She was in love with him, fiercely, madly, and didn't make much of a secret about it. "Only live once," she thought to herself. "If I'm going to love just once this lifetime, I'm saying Matt's my once in a lifetime love."

The figure vanished in the heat and dust and haze. "Oops! ...I did it again," Miss Sunshine thought to herself. "Daydreamin' of what might be."

Then he was standing beside her.

"Howdy, Miss Sunshine, ma'am," said Marshall Dillon, taking off his hat and holding it over his well-muscled chest for a moment. "No need to be watering the vegetables now, there's a storm a-coming, looks like rain.

"Need any help battening down your house?" asked Marshall Dillon.

"No, I'm one jump ahead of the storm, got the shutters up already," said Miss Sunshine. Too bad. She would have liked to see the muscles rippling beneath his shirt... and it was a hot day; maybe he'd have taken the shirt off.

Matt looked up at the horizon a moment. "Well, ma'am, Miss Sunshine, reason I'm here is to say, there's a square dance in town tonight, and old cowboys like me need someone right pretty to be dancin' with. Now Festus, he can dance some, but he ain't pretty. Will you be my partner tonight?"

"Why yes, Marshall Dillon, I believe I will," said Miss Sunshine. Her heart was beating fast, and it wasn't from carrying the water.

"Oh you beautiful doll," said Marshall Dillon. He put an arm around her slender waist, and swung her around. For a moment, Miss Sunshine was flying.

"Sorry, ma'am, got carried away, just a practice step," said Marshall Dillon.

"I'll give you lessons any time you like, y'old cowboy." Miss Sunshine's face was warm and flushed, and it wasn't from the warm day.

Then Matt was gone, and Miss Sunshine was standing alone, with an empty bucket in her hands, staring at the spot where she'd just daydreamed Marshall Matt Dillon standing. She sighed, headed back to the well. "My dreams are getting better all the time," she thought to herself.

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