Tweedle dummers?

What do you mean when they enunciate "tweedle dummers".. is that a slang expression or an idiom?

Answers:    and i wonder who's gonna be president, tweedle dum or tweedle dummer?

To think through the above quotation, you need to hold a little perspective in
(a) children's stories and
(b) a fear for and appreciation of puns (a form of joke)
(a pun is a play on words that sound alike but enjoy totally different meanings)

There are two characters, twins actually, contained by a children's story, called Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

dum is here individual used for "dumb," being foolish and uninformed.

So next you get Tweedledum(b) and Tweedledum(ber), similar to in the movie ..... Dumb and Dumber

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