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So instead of me making up the phrases..YOU have a hand in it!!
Confused? You'll see... It's really quite simple.
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So help me!

Edit: Here's the story.

Indian summer, that's what they called the fall, when it was still hot, and that happened almost every September in California. School had just begun.

There was a new kid in the 8th grade math class -- one that Suzie hadn't seen the previous year. He had the unlikely name, "Emu Tamer." He was dark-skinned, dark-eyed, and dark-haired. He always talked back to the teacher, but got away with it because he could make the teacher laugh, and even teachers needed to laugh sometimes. Already, the other kids were calling him "Poindexter" and "Brainiac" and "Teachers' Pet."

Without knowing why, Suzie had a maddeningly intense crush on Emu.

She bumped into him - deliberately - after math class one day. "Oh, sorry," she said.

"Hey," said Emu.

"Um, I'm having a pool party, why don't you come over? Sunset. Sunset is at 7:00 tonight," said Suzie.

"Sure thing, Suzie," said Emu.

For the rest of the day, the words "He said my name, he knows my name, he likes me" echoed through Suzie's head, sometimes with musical accompaniment. Songs sung sweetly, "He said my name, he knows my name, he likes me" repeated again and again.

Seven o'clock came and went. While waiting, Suzie swam seven laps in the swimming pool. She was becoming more and more disappointed.

Finally, Emu walked through the gate into the poolyard. "Hey, where's everyone else?" he asked.

"I didn't invite anyone else," said Suzie.

"Sufferin' suckatash!" Emu realized that he'd been had, but the early evening was still very warm. He took off his shirt. "I can't swim, so help me, okay?"

"Last one in's a sick sheep," said Suzie.

"The sixth sick sheik's sixth sheep's sick," said Emu. "Say that three times fast.

So the young boy dived in. Suzie heard a thump, and looked down to see a red stain spreading from Emu's face, at the bottom of the pool. She dove down herself, and hauled him up and out of the pool.

Emu spluttered and gasped, wiped his face and saw his hand come away red. "Nosebleed. Sorry, I guess I should have known better than to dive where it's shallow, especially considering I can't swim anyway."

Somehow, seeing Emu as a human being with foibles had killed Suzie's crush. She was a bit sad at its passing, but her mother told her that, in time, she'd have special feelings for someone else, some day.

Edit2: I forgot the profanity and bathroom humor, sorry. I'll try to remember next time.
Sufferin' Suckatash! (Sylvester, form the old Tweety cartoons)
Suzie swam seven laps in the swimming pool.
Sunset is at 7:00 tonight.
Songs sung sweetly at sunset
So the young boy dived in, his body still back up on the cliff, hanging over his soul as it sunk into the depths of the oceans bottom.
The sixth sick sheik's sixth sheep's sick! (this is in the world records book as the worlds most diffucult tongue twister!)
Susan surveyed her seven siblings surreptitiously as she hissed her sentences with a sour and sickly sarcasm, such as was her style since turning seventeen.
" . (so the boy dived in)."
Joy looked down at her grade 2 class sitting wide eyed around her chair as she finished the latest chapter of their book-of-the-week.

(Sufferin Sukatash) was an adventure story involving a young boy and his love of vegetables. Joy didn't understand it, but the kids ate up every word!

"The end." she closed the book. "Back to your seats children."
"Awww!!" they all chimed in unison, but obeyed and soon everyone was back in their seat.
"Don't worry, tomorrow we'll continue with chapter six of the book. Do you want to know what the chapter is called?"
They all nodded. Joy smiled. It's called...(The Sixth Sick Sheik's Sixth Sheeps Sick)!"
Their gales of laughter brightened her heart. She loved her job dearly.
Just then the bell rang. As the kids gathered their books and ran for the door, she called out. "And don't forget! (Sunset is at 7:00 tonight). The news said that the shooting stars would be visible soon after that. So make sure to look out your window a little after seven, okay?"
"Okay Ms. Joy!"
An hour later Joy walked up her front porch and wearily searched for her keys. Once inside, she hung her coat up and put her shoes neatly away.
"Kyle? Suzie? Her husband and daughter were usually in the kitchen at this time of the evening. He would be making dinner and watching over their 5 year old .
"We're out back hon!"
Joy made her way out to the backyard and found Kyle in their above ground swimming pool, holding Suzie up as she swam around the pool.
"(Suzie swam seven laps in the swimming pool today)!" he beamed. How she loved this man.
Later that evening as she tucked Suzie in, Suzie whispered to her. "Mommy..sing for me, sing me to sleep."
"Okay Suzie..close your eyes. With Suzie's eyes closed, Joy began to sing lullabies to her beloved child, and as the shooting stars began to light up the sky, the (songs sung sweetly) from a mother's lips echoed into the night.
The judge pounded his gavel on his desk and said very angrily, " Suffering Suckatash! Where is this Miss Suzie? And will someone please tell me why, Suzie swam seven laps in the swimming pool? What has this got to do with the case at hand?"
"Your Honor, I can explain." A small voice came from the back of the courtroom.
"Come forward, someone swear her in. I'd like to hear this at least before the sun sets." The judge ordered.
The young girl was sworn in by the baliff.
" Your Honor, I just wanted you to know that sunset is at 7:00 tonight. I'll be done before then. I know what happened, I saw it all. Shall I continue?"
Judge Wilson gave an affirmative nod.
" I know that Miss Gill couldn't have killed that boy 'cause she was in the saloon singing for them cowpokes from the Wild Stallion Ranch.That lady had songs sung sweetly that growed up men almost would weep. That boy drowned on his own, he was sooo stupid. 'Cause when Mr. Bart came in he tolt that kid, to c'mere & he went to where Mr. Bart wuz. An... an Mr. Bart tolt him, that he give him 8 bits if he would jump in the horse trouff over yonder by the big tree. And dumb ole Wiley, he said he would. But Mr. Bart, he laughed out loud & he tolt him iffen you can say the sixth sick shiek's sixth sheep's sick that he wuz gonna give him double his money. An...dat boy he said it. And that no good Mr. Bart throwed the money in the water. So the young boy dived in, hit his head on the bottom, and he up & he died. I saw it all. Mr. Bart, he lied on Miss Gill. And that's the truth, your Honor. Mr. Bart's mad at her 'cause she's only got eyes for that old mule skinner, Festus Haggen."
"Bart Barron, are you behind this?"
"Yeah, but I didn't kill him. He just plain died."
"Case, dismissed, you a free woman, Miss Gill."
"Thanks, your Honor."

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