0.5 years or 0.5 year? is the letter "S" at the end necessary?

Question:also 1.5 year or 1.5 years??
or is it correct if i say "one and a half year" instead of "one and a half years"?

In the US, our culture generally refers to it as "One and a half years."

Below one, it gets a little murky. One would say "half a year", but you would say ".5 years."

If you're referring to it in decimal format, anything other than exactly one would be referred to in plural (with the "s"), because you're speaking in plural units of measurement, even if the unit of measurement is less than one whole.

If you're referring to it in fractional form, anything that's one or less would be referred to without the plural form (without the "s") because you're referring to "a fraction of a year."
0.5 years,
1.5 years,
one and a half years
these are the correct answers
i am 100% sure,
but if you call 0.5 half then you say half a year.
if you call 0.5 point five then you call it point five years
if it 1.5 keep the S if it only 0.5 drop it.
Put the S in in all cases.
You still say years.
The question leading to such an answer would be "How many years?" Not "How many year?"
its half year and one a half years
years. Year is a unit of time, just as hour is.

when you say one and a half, you have to say years.

Like, o.5 meters, not o.5 meter.
0.5 years
1.5 years
you can only use year if it is a 1
0.5 = half. You wouldn't say "half a years ago" would you? Similarly anything more than one is plural so needs an "s".
One and a half years ago
"Half a year" because you are talking about a singular YEAR.
"0.5 years" because you are talking about multiple (5) tenths of a year.
it is 0.5 years..0.5 cannot be construed as a singular..so its 0.5 years...and its also 1.5 years..for the same reason...and one and a half years

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