A Question Of Punctuation?

Question:Should the question mark be omitted from the following rhetorical question?

Hell, who has time to be bored when there's a new hassel, outrage, or torment awaiting me around every corner.

No, it should not be omitted. It remains a question.
Whether or not you expect an answer is irrelevant
It's still a ? rhetorical or not.
A question is a question whether it is rhetorical or not. Therefore, a rhetorical question should have a question mark, as all questions do.
No. It requires a question mark. Rhetorical or not, it's still a question.
No, it should not be omitted. "Hassel" is actually spelled "Hassle". Hope this helps.
I agree with the answerers, but on an emphatic statement like that. some authors might use an exclamation mark.
No, keep it.
just put it there
it need a question mark at the end and u need to take out the hell, so the question starts with "WITH"

Keep the question mark.
Spell hassle right!
No, use the question mark. Watch the spelling of 'hassle'.
Yes, it can be because it is an exclamatory statement. Use an exclamation point in the place of the question mark and it would be fine.

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