"You don't have to always be right"?

Question:I hear this sometimes but I never really understood what it means. Seems kind of vague. Can someone explain it?

Some people are very intent on winning every argument and being right about every topic under debate, no matter how minor. They feel this gives them a sense of control and worth.

The expression is meant to reprimand or assure them that it's okay to be wrong sometimes, or to recognize that other people's views may be equally right or valid.
your the coolest person in the world.
It means that your attachment to being 'right' is in the way of your relationships, happiness, truth, your ability to see other people's perspectives, empathy, etc. I had a friend who used to say "would you rather be right or be happy?" i work in a field where the need to be right causes untold suffering. and it is not actually satisfying in the long run.
i recommend marshall rosenberg's nonviolent communication for you.
or learn active listening or reflective listening. needing to be right stops you from truly listening and a satisfying relationship with others.
They are jealous!
If someone said this to you, then they meant that you probably argue your point till they will give up. As if you have to be right about every thing every time. I have a friend this way. He would argue that the sky is pink, if it is clearly bright blue, and he's in an airplane at 30 000 feet. He, no matter what physical proof you show, will always need to be right. It gets REALLY annoying at times.

What they want you to do is to listen a bit more and hear what they have to say. Maybe they are telling you something that you dont understand yet, that would change your opinion. Try it out. What could it hurt?
I hear it all the times. It's a kind of stupid saying I think.
They are right about it, sometimes it's not neccesary to be right, and are other thing more important, but it's kind of stupid to say it to someone, because that person won't understand the saying at all in most situations. Thats because getting your right is your number one priority in that situations, I think.

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