☼ wants to know.Can you write a little story that includes these " P " song titles?

Question:I'm going to go through the alphabet.
Nope. This is not homework...Just some wholesome ,creative FUN on YA.

1. Play Me The Waltz Of The Angels
2. Penny Lane
3. Pocketful Of Miracles
4. Powder Your Face With Sunshine (Smile Smile Smile)
5. Pledging My Love
6. Put Your Hand In The Hand

►BONUS: Pleasant Valley Sunday ◄

My auntie rang her bell from her chair on the porch and I went to her asking what she wanted. She asked me to play "Penny Lane" by the Beatles for her because she was sick and tired of hearing "Play me the waltz of the Angels". So I went to the stereo and put her request on. Then she called me over and asked me to reach in her pocket, so I did. "I got a pocketful of miracles in there for you"

When I pulled my hand out of her pocket I had her false teeth in my hand. I asked her what that meant and she told me to reach in the other pocket, so I did. In the other pocket I scooped up a handful of white powder and again asked her what this meant? She said, "Powder your face with sunshine (Smile Smile Smile) and sniff a bit in dearie..."

So I did what she asked and snorted a bit of it...then I felt funny, so I asked my auntie what the powder was? She then began to ramble on about a fighter pilot she had met during WWII, he was Brit. He always carried a little can of powder. And one day they snorted the powder and that's when the British pilot said to her..."I'm Pledging my love to you and let us walk along Penny Lane" And they did.

On a Pleasent Valley Sunday, my Auntie had lost her virginity on Penny Lane.

I felt my head spininng when my auntie held out her hand and said, "Put your hand in the hand of the broad who gave it up on Penny Lane way before the Beatles got high."
"PLAY ME THE WALTZ OF ANGELS" bartholamew said to his darling Edith.
"In a moment my love, im taking a trip down PENNY LANE, I drank to much of that wine earlier and its catching up on me" Replied Edith.
"Well if it desides to cath up on you tomorrow moring ive got a POCKETFUL OF MIRACLES here that will soothe your hangover."
So Edith made her way to the toilets and after she washed her hands she Powdered her face. It made her SMILE, SMILE, SMILE when she did this as everytime she did so in the presence of Bart he would say,
"Why do you insist to POWDER YOU FACE WITH SUNSHINE, even when its so bright and beautiful without it?"
As Edith made her way out of the toilets she saw to her surprise Bart come up to her and kneel at her feet. He held out his hand and said to her.
"Edith, I am PLEDGING MY LOVE to you."
"PUT YOUR HAND IN THE HAND." Said a stranger sitting to the right of them. And so she did.
"I have arranged for us to visit PLEASANT VALLEY SUNDAY, so you wont have to miss the concert tomorrow."
"Oh BARTY!" replied Edith, and they walked of the restaurant holding hands, not even realising they had forgotten to pay the bill.
"Okay, now we're going to do this again. Put your hand in my hand."
Abbie slowly nodded, put her cane down and slowly made her way to the dance coach.
"Can you play me the Waltz of Angels? I really like that song"
The coach shook his head.
"Sorry Abbie, we'll be trying out this step to Penny Lane. It's a great song..you'll love it!"
The song began and they started to dance. The coach saw Abbie was faltering. Her twisted leg was causing her to disappear inside herself. She felt such shame. The coach grasped her hands tighter.
"Abbie, powder your face with sunshine! Smile smile smile..Cuz baby..you are beautiful! Look me in the eyes..that's right..come on..You're like a pocketful of miracles waiting to be opened. Look me in the eyes! I'm pledging my love to you Abbie..Do you feel it? Follow my rhythm..feel it..feel it!"
They soon started to dance in sync, and Abbie with her head held high had the brightest smile on her face.
"Good, good!! You're doing it!! Fabulous!!"

When the song ended, Abbie still looking in the coach's eyes whispered.."Um..would you like to get some coffee..or something"
"That would be great!" smiled the coach.
As the left the dance studio, a poster at the entrance door caught Abbie's eye.
It read: Pleasant Valley Sunday Dance-Off Beginners Welcome.
She turned to the coach with a longing in her eyes.
"I would love to be your partner" smiled the coach.."It would be an honor."
They left hand in hand..with the future ahead of them.
As I sat on the sofa listening to pocketful of Miracles.
Penny Lane came into my house.
"Powder on your face With sunshine (smile smile smile)...We have some where to go" She said as she grabbed my arm. She was always saying weird things. She took me to a Club in The next town When we there I found out my love was there.
He looked me in the eye and said "I am Pledging my love to you Will you marry me." As I stood there speechless I felt penny push my arm
"Put your hand in the hand" She said with a smile.
So I reached out and took his hand
"play me the waltz of the Angel" he said to the DJ I want to dance with my new Wife to be.
As he held me close he wispered in my ear "We shall marry in Pleasant Vally Sunday night".
Being Grateful
James and Wendy was a middle aged couple who lived in a small house on PENNY LANE. It was a modest home, nothing fancy, but neat, clean, and all they needed. Like most couples they wished they had more at times but their relationship was a good one and got them through the tough times.
This particular night Wendy went to a little extra effort to have a fancy, candle lit dinner waiting for James when he arrived home from work. They couldn’t really afford wine so she had cold apple juice ready to pour into the wine glasses they received as a gift last Christmas.
James arrived home at the usual time and looked surprised at the table, smiled, and handed Wendy a pink rose he had picked from the neighbour’s garden. She gave him a hug and smiled sweetly.
James looked at her again and said,” Did you POWDER YOUR NOSE WITH SUNSHINE because you look radiant?”
Wendy just blushed as she went to put supper on the table.
They spoke about their day at work throughout supper and every now and then gazed at one another through the candle light. “You know Wendy, I wish I could give you so much more, but for me, you are all I need.” said James out of the blue.
“James, you are all I need too,” Wendy started, “If more people could think like us everyone would be happier. Life can be a POCKET FULL OF MIRACLES if we all just looked around. We have food to eat, a roof over our heads, clothes to wear, family, friends, each other and so much more when we look outside at nature.”
James stood up from the table and said, “Let’s dance. PLAY ME THE WALTZ OF ANGELS because you are my angel.”
After they danced they picked up their wine glasses filled with apple juice, looked at one another and said in unison, “I’m PLEDGING MY LOVE TO YOU.”
They sat together listening to the radio when an old song came on called PUT YOUR HAND IN THE HAND of God and He will lead you to where He wants you. Wendy and James held hands as they both agreed that, that’s just what they would do.
As they continued listening they heard an advertisement about a house in PLEASANT VALLEY SUNDAY, which was a beautiful little place they had often admired. The price surprised them because it was far less then they expected. It was in reach of their means.
The next morning a real-estate agent took them to see the house but James and Wendy new in their hearts it was going to be their new home and it was.
They hung a picture they made themselves in the living room that said, “PUT YOUR HAND IN THE HAND who will lead you to where He wants you.”
a ridiculous attempt at free verse... in the letter of "P" ...

(line) PLAY ME THE WALTZ OF THE ANGELS, as i walk down (line) PENNY LANE, (line) PLEDGING MY LOVE to the one who has surely stolen my heart.
(line) PUT YOUR HAND IN THE HAND of the one who has the (line) POCKET FULL OF MIRACLES, and (line) POWDER YOUR FACE WITH SUNSHINE as you bask in the light of love.
"You know," said Festus, "I just love Dodge. Sometimes I just feel like pledging my love for the town. I think the whole place is blessed, like a flock of angels alit here." He was tuning up his fiddle for the square dance.

Marshall Dillon said, "Play me the waltz. Of the angels, well, I don't know why a town that was so blessed would need a lawman."

"Well, miracles happen every day, lawman," said Festus.

Marshall Dillon put his hand in his pocket. "Dagnabbit, I done lost all my pennies from a hole in my pocket. I had a pocketful. Of miracles, I cain't rightly say as I've seen any." Marshall Dillon muttered under his breath. "Guess some street out there has miraculously become a penny lane."

"Smile smile smile, here come Miss Sunshine and Miss Kitty, early!" said Festus.

"Excuse me, Matt, can you tell me where the powder room is in this place?" asked Miss Kitty.

"Powder your face with Sunshine," said Marshall Dillon. "She knows the way."

"Oh Matt, we could have a picnic this weekend," said Miss Sunshine. "I know of a pleasant valley. Sunday morning okay?"

"Sure thing, Miss Sunshine, you bring the vittles, I'll bring the appetite," replied Marshall Dillon, brightening at the prospect of a lazy day spent with the lovely Miss Sunshine.

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