"Looking daggers" - What does it mean?

Question:The following sentence appears in "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban": "Professor Mcgonagall opened the classroom door at that moment, which was perhaps lucky; Hermione and Ron were looking daggers at each other, and when they got into class, they seated themselves on either side of Harry and didn't talk to each other for the whole class."

What does "looking daggers" mean?

In the UK we use the expression to mean giving someone an evil or "dirty" look.

In this instance, it means that Hermione and Ron were cross with each other and communicating this through their facial expressions.
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Angry looks, dirty looks...
Giving angry looks.
it's the same as "shooting daggers", it means you're giving someone a dirty look.
It means they had piercing looks to each other..

If looks could kill, would be a similar phrase.
I see it as similar to "shooting daggers" which I've heard as a metaphor for angry glares. Sort of along the lines of "if looks could kill".
To look daggers at someone means to look very angrily at someone
They weren't happy with each other and they had a mad look on their face. Ever tick someone off where they stare at you? That's what it means.
It tends to mean looking angrily at someone or hatefully as if if to stab them with a knife if you like.
"If looks could kill" They were looking at each other as if they were throwing knives at each other, ot in a hate full intimidating way. when you were little and you did something that you didn't want your parent to find out about but your little sister or brother threatens to tell your parents and runs in the room yelling for the attention of your parents. You enter the room also and "look daggers" at them attempting to dissuade them from telling.
Giving them an evil look.
i love harry potter.

i remember what your talking about

she was like looking angry or something

Yeah, it's like giving someone the evil eye. I'm assuming it's to be taken figuratively, not literally. I'm admittedly unfamiliar with Harry Potter.

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