"Pop" is a verb, noun, adverb or what?

Question:Know that plasma screens are more prone to burn-in during their first 200 hours of use. When phosphors are fresh, they burn more intensely as they are ignited. This means that relatively new plasma display TVs are prone to "ghosting", which occurs when on-screen images appear to stay on the screen belatedly. THIS IS A FUNCTION OF THE HIGH INTENSITY WITH WHICH PHOSPORS "POP".

"POP" in the last sentence is a verb, noun, adjective or what?

What is its function here and what does it mean simply?

Thank you for your answers.

It's a verb. I guess they are trying to say that the phosphors burn at a high intensity and very quickly reach their peak, a bit like popcorn kernels. It gives a feeling of something quickly filling with energy, as well as a sound of some kind when it reaches the peak. As a bright image activates the phosphors, they can burn the image into the screen if nothing is done to compensate for that problem.
Since the phosphors do something, namely "pop", in this case, "pop' is a verb.

In "pop music' or "pop art", the word pop is an adjective.

"Pop", as in soda water or Coca cola, is a noun.

If you call your father "Pop", then the word is a proper noun.

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