"Besuited" and "bespectacled": When does a word need the "be"?

Question:When does a word need the "be"? How do I know when to add the "be" to a word when writing?

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language: Fourth Edition. 2000.


PREFIX:1. Completely; thoroughly; excessively. Used as an intensive: bemuse. 2. On; around; over: besmear. 3. About; to: bespeak. 4. Used to form transitive verbs from nouns, adjectives, and intransitive verbs, as: a. To make; cause to become: bedim. b. To affect, cover, or provide: bespectacled.
ETYMOLOGY:Middle English bi-, be-, from Old English be-, bi-.

I can find bespectacled but no examples of besuited. I think the only time you would use it would be if you had poetic license, and were going for a victorian flavor or lyric rhythm and alliteration like "bespectacled and besuited"
when you use it as an adjective, describing a person who is wearing the thing.

someone wearing glasses is a bespectacled person, not a spectacled person.
i've never heard "suited" used except for cards. but i've been playing a lot of poker lately.
Usually when you sound it out. like before, become, belated, because,between, beat,beet, beer,beach,bean,beam,became, bead,beef,begot,belong,bee, beep,bestow,beauty,beautiful bee,be,(That is about the majority of them).
A bespectacled person is a person who wears glasses. "Ask the bespectacled girl"

I don't think you can put Be- in front of just any word though..a dictionary or thesaurus could be helpful.

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