1. what class are you studying in? 2. which class are you studying in? which one is used by the native speaker

both seem right to me though personally, i use the first option - 'what class...'
Both. There is a slight difference in meaning. What class are you studying in means "Is it class five or six, or whatever". Which class are you studying in means "Are you in Mr. A's class or Mr. B's class." It is better though to say "In what class are you studying" or "In which class are you studying"

"What class (classes) are you taking?"
Technically, neither is correct as you should NEVER end a sentence with a preposition. These two would be grammatically correct if you moved the preposition "in" to the beginning of the sentence (i.e. In what/which class are you studying?). Of course, then the sentences make even less sense (as if you are only studying IN the class and not outside of class). The most correct way would be to ask "FOR which class are you studying"?

Of course, a native (American) English speaker would really ask, "Which class ya' studyin' for?"

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