☼ wants to know.Can you write a little story that includes these " R " song titles?

Question:I'm going to go through the alphabet.
Nope. This is not homework...Just some wholesome ,creative FUN on YA.
1. Rumor Has It
2. Roll Out Those Lazy, Crazy Days Of Summer
3. Riddles in the Sand
4. Row,Row, Row Your Boat
5. Reminisce for a While
6. Rainy Days And Mondays

♫►BONUS : Rally Round The Flag Boys . ◄

Thank You Thank you! Well well well, Looks like we've got a lovely audience tonight. I'd like to thank you both for coming.
Does everyone have enough 'room or has it' gotten so crowded we need to 'roll out those lazy' boy chairs from the back? No, y'all comfy? Alright. Did you have trouble parking? Kinda tough out there. Ya really gotta 'rally round the flag boys' if you wanna get a space. How's the sushi by the way did you get some of what you like? No? I'm sorry, you say you don't like fish eggs? Well you know how these little sushi boats work right, you just wait till the one you want floats by and then you grab it. Too shy eh? Here let me help you out there. No, you don't want that one it's got 'roe... roe... roe... your boat' is right here sir, there you go!
You sir, what's your name? They call you "Crazy?" wow, and your last name? "Daizov." So you're Russian, Ah those crazy Russians! And you Miss are you with him? I see, Nice couple, and your name? "Summer" what a lovely name, and what a lovely couple. Ladies and gentlemen I'd like you to meet 'Crazy Daizov, Summer'
alright nice warm round of applause. Now just a minute Sir you in the back, are you asleep? Uh huh, just doin' a little REMin' eh? Well try 'REMin' 'is for a while', buddy! yeah, I got yer REMin' right here! What a bum. Anyway, sorry we don't have the Nelson Riddle orchestra for you tonight yeah, he was suppose to be here but he had a gig in Saudi Arabia so... 'Riddle's in the sand' and he can't make it but that's okay cause Tuesdays through Sundays are 'Ray Knee days and Mondays' I have the night off. So let's kick it off! I'm Ray Knee! ...a-one ...a-two a-one, two, three, four...
Once, you decided to roll out those lazy, crazy days of summer by drawing riddles in the sand. "Row, row, row your boat," you wrote, "to reminisce for a while." Rumor has it that you really know how to rally round the flag boys on rainy days and Mondays. How preposterous could this get?
"Talkin' to myself and feeling old..Sometimes I'd like to quit, Nothin' ever seems to fit. Hangin' around, nothin' to do but frown, (line) RAINY DAYS AND MONDAYS always get me down."
Why, "Hello Miss Heartbroke Sit your sweet self down It`s good to see your dancin` feet back out on the town RUMOUR HAS IT you`ve had trouble with your man" but we'll burn that bridge when we come to it. So (line) RALLY ROUND THE FLAG BOYS and let's (line) REMINISCE FOR A WHILE pondering these (line) RIDDLES IN THE SAND. As we (line) ROLL OUT THOSE LAZY, CRAZY DAYS OF SUMMER and you (line) ROW, ROW, ROW YOUR BOAT gently down the stream. [but do it] merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily... [as] life is but a dream.
Ok...I'm hung over, but here I go...

"Rumor has it that Sherman is a hundred miles out of Atlanta," Caine said. He was under a maple tree, cradling his meager rations and squinting towards the north where the rest of the Tennessee 7th infantry regiment was making camp.
"Yuh," Thompson replied. He brought the canteen to his lips and sipped the metallic water.
"I still think we should drop this march and go cut him off. If he takes Atlanta, we can forget trying to roll out those lazy crazy days of summer."
Thompson eyed him. "What the hell are you on about Caine? Ta colonel says we go north to join up with Longstreet. And what is this horse apple about summer?"
"It's poetry Thompson, you lummox. Not everyone in this regiment is an off-the-haywagon neanderthol. Scholars can fight for Tennessee too."
Undermining this statement, a trio of youths in dusty gray walked by, passing a large jug while singing "row row row your boat" in a drunken slur.
Caine shook his head and got to his feet. He put his remaining rations back in his pouch and slung his musket over his shoulder. He thought maybe he would go pitch his tattered tent and reminisce for a while, but a cry started rolling it's way back throughout the encampment.
"Billy Yank!" "Billy Yank!" "To arms!"
Caine dropped his head in sadness. His life consisted of entirely too much blood. There was fighting on rainy days and mondays and holidays and sabbaths. There was fighting in the morning, in the evening and during lunch. So who would he lose now? Was that his last conversation with Thompson? Was there gonna be a new colonel after this one? Was it finally his turn to pass on?
He began running towards the north where the regiment had started organizing itself into ragged rows.
The first mortar shell made it's voice known off to his left and the first screams pierced the afternoon air.
"Rally round the Flag Boys!" The colonel screamed. "They're coming through the fields!"
And indeed, in the distance, the blue wave began to roll.
Caine socked his musket to his shoulder, sighted, fired. He reloaded. Sock, sight, fire.
And there, in the dry soil, blood began to pool like riddles in the sand..
RAINY DAYS AND MONDAYS are the hardest days for me to get anything done. I need the sun or some project to get me motivated. I picked up my usual morning tea and decided to leaf through my magazines and sort them out ready for the hospital I donated them to. A title caught my eye, “Beach Combing can be filled with History.” I had really never thought about it before even though Martin and I spent a lot of time there. I sat down to think some more.
RIDDLES IN THE SAND came to me. How much history is really buried over the years in the sand, under rocks, and the coast lines themselves? Riddles? Yes there were many answers there if only we knew and had discovered them.
RUMOR HAS IT that pirates use to sail by these beaches we lived near. I could picture them now, rough, tough, and frightening looking men. I could almost here the pirate captain yelling, “RALLY AROUND THE FLAG BOYS. This is the last battle before landing. We’ll sail on till’ we see them, attack, and get out. Show no mercy!” Who knows, maybe that’s where the saying, RALLY AROUND THE FLAG BOYS originated from, I mean just look at the flag they flew and circled around.
I read somewhere that in St. John’s, Newfoundland, they have a Regatta Day, once a year, and it’s the oldest boat racing contest in North America. All kinds of teams from different organizations join in. Again I could hear the leader yelling only this time, “ROW..ROW..ROW.. YOU’RE BOAT “encouraging their crew to row as fast and hard as they could as each one races to the finish line.
Since schools have been on the go children couldn’t wait for their summer holidays. Yes, ROLL OUT THOSE, LAZY, CRAZY, DAYS OF SUMMER. Bring on the picnics, swimming, beach parties, and toasting marshmallows. Martin and I use to go beach combing. We’d pick up anything unusual or gold speckled pebbles. “RIDDLES IN THE SAND,” I thought again. How much did Martin and I miss and not even no it and those board walks down there now filled with ice cream parlors and coffee shops? They went a ways back to times where there were no sidewalks and people had to rely on them to get around and stay dry.
Wow, two hours have gone by and I forgot my tea which isn’t like me at all but it’s been fun thinking of hidden History and to REMINSE FOR AWHILE. It was a good morning after all.
Right then, let's rally around the flag boys, and reminisce for a while! Theres so much that I remember, about when i was a young'un, but mostly how the world was filled with so much mystery! Bring on the sunshine, roll out those lazy, crazy days of summer, and watch us all explore our mysterious world! There was nothing more intriguing or important than digging for buried treasure and trying to decipher the riddles in the sand, certainly left by mermaids and giant sea turtles. Oh, how our imaginations ran wild, and the adult world all but disappeared! On rainy days and mondays, every corridor in that big ol house became a secret passage, and every door held another world or a leprechauns den! Hours would go by, but we were oblivious in our pursuit of magic! When the rain stopped, mother would send us all back outside, to explore the ancient pathways, and stalk the spiders in their webs, but in the back of our minds, we were all secretly disappointed! For you see, rumor has it, that if the rain continued for long enough, you could row, row, row your boat to the end of the earth, or so it was said, and live as kings and queens in the sunshine of some eternal kingdom. Ah, the memories! What about you, boys...?

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