"Downtrod" vs. "downtrodden"?

Question:I have a two part question about the words "downtrod" and "downtrodden". First of all, is "downtrod" still a word acceptable in today's English language? I know that "downtrod" is the alternate and old word for "downtrodden", but I was wondering if it still is considered modern language to use. Also, can "downtrodden" be used to describe an object literally being beaten/bent as in "the downtrodden grass" or can it only be used in the context of the oppressed. (For example, "The downtrodden people,")? Sorry for the bad examples, but I've been wondering.

Downtrodden is used for the "oppressed; tyrannized."

I'd say (or write) that 'the grass was trampled.' Or look in the Thesaurus for an alternate word regarding the grass. :)

I've never heard nor read the word "downtrod."

Also I thought your examples weren't bad.
"Downtrod" is out.
"Downtrodden" can be used in either context.
According to The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition, downtrodden is an adjective and it is current.

Downtrod isn't listed.

Downtrodden is what you use

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