About the question I asked before: I'm sure the word was thought and i heard it pronounced tought...?

Question:...for example by stan laurel :) i'm probabily wrong but i heard i'm sayin I tought you were laughing (instead of thought) and also in waterworld, when the protagonist reaches the "Deez" i heard "the deacon" sayin I (T)ought you were stupid etc.
Is this a variant used someplace both in U.K. and U.S.A. or I'm just deaf or stupid or what?

I don't know about the UK, but here in America, that's how they talk in certain borroughs of New York. "Youths" is pronounced "yutes," and now-popular phrases like, "Forget about it" become "FugGEDaboudit." Of course, it's also a Carribean thing to talk like that. "Ay, what you t'inkin' 'bout, man?" "I'm t'inkin' 'bout how I hit my t'umb wit' t'is hammer!"
I know its common in parts of New York City for the "th" sounds to be pronounced more as Ts or Ds. I'm not familiar with the examples in question, but you probably heard right.
No, some folks find it funny to mispronounce
Irish people often say 'T' instead of 'TH', like tought, tink.
People in Lancashire do not speak like that.

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