Question:Love m love m love metaphores.

''Even philosophical,
my style is collassal
to ur brain like a line of cocaine
straight up ur nostril
knowledge like aristotle
i send my message thru the mic
not in a bottle''

now thats some ill ****... the lamest but at the same time the most creative and definetly a fave of mine simple meto:

I like u a like a kid loves cake...

What are ur faves, i know it comes in context to whatever, like naturally, but u gotta have some favorites, shlt everyone has some...

list them up :D please

Like a flashlight on, but lost, my energy is there, but wasted.
(more of a simile than a metaphor)

I am a piece of chalk, trying to make a mark on the blackboard of our lives.
Life without you is like a broken pencil.....
.. pointless! ;)
My favourite (very visual):
She fell from the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down!
btw- A metaphor doesnt have "like a..." in it, thats a simile

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