Another name for cigarette is….but be careful because it also means a ….?

According to the Oxford dictionary, a "f***ot n. 1. a tied bundle of twigs or wood."

above that is "f*g (colloquial) v. toil; make tired ; n. 1 tiring work, drudgery, 2 a cigarette"

How the heck those terms ever came to be used in a derogatory manner, makes no sense to me whatsoever. I can see the relation between a piece of wood (for a fireplace) and a cigarette..but the other...nooooo idea. And it really ticks me off that political correctness won't allow me to use the words in their proper context..even quoted from a dictionary. Just because some idiots insist on being ignorant, why should we all have to dumb down? I have never used either of those words in a derogatory manner and will never. I have many friends, of many 'colours', religions and orientations...all I care about is WHO they are..not WHAT they are!
jack, bone, stog, db, cancerstick,
*** faggidy ***.
That's only in England (I mean, it's only in England where they use that word for a cigarette). In the US it means a homosexual slur. A very bad word, don't use it. It's OK to use it in the UK (for a cigarette) because it doesn't have that other meaning there. The word begins with F and rhymes with BAG. And it's short for another word that also means some kind of food they cook in Scotland (I think!) OK, this is getting too complicated! Just don't use the word unless you're in England and want a cigarette.
ummm. butts lol

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