"of" instead of "have" makes my blood boil.Whats your least favourite corruption?

It's words like 'off of' and 'everythink' that get up my nose!
'I'm off out' instead of 'I'm going out'
men ... lol
i got no nothing..
Going "round " someones house...
"Yeah whatever"
Fat Bird, I think I love you..
My least favourite corruption is 'innit' innit ?
I don't NO (know)
"your" instead of "you're"
Their, they're, there. They should of learned it in skool!!!
He really "piss me off"
There are too many to count on this site,for example:
plz instead of please
dose instead of does
innit,well that's self explanatory.
2 instead of to or too
cuz instead of because
b4 instead of before
etc etc etc,i could go on all day,half of the people on this site can't speak or write English,it's all text speak or just plain laziness.
Double negatives. "I don't want no tea", which means, "I want some tea."
I 'avn't got no time. The double negative really annoys me although I did use it on purpose when I was talking to my ex as he didn't get it. I could say things and he thought I meant them. he he
" lor" for "law"
Another thing I abhor is reference to a "headbutt" To butt is to hit with the head. You can't elbow-butt, fist-butt.foot-butt ,etc, therefore The "head" in "headbutt is redundant.
2 instead of to, too
the incorrect usage of to or too ("I went too the store")
4 instead of for
an apostrophe in the wrong place... some people think it has to go before any s that ends a word ("I saw some snake's" Some snake's what??)

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