ΘΩ∞ Okay.. Story writers..Ready for something new??

Question:The first 6 people to post ONE phrase that they would like to have listed, will have their phrase listed. ( IT MUST BEGIN WITH THE LETTER ► "G" ◄)
So instead of me making up the phrases..YOU have a hand in it!!
Confused? You'll see... It's really quite simple.
If you are not one of the first 6 responders, you are still invited to write a story and compete. ◄◄ Good luck and have FUN~~~~~~~~~


It was a bright sunshiny day in The Land Of Temptation. The big pink sun emitted it's warm magic rays upon the welcoming landscape below. Enchanted little bees droned on their merry way happily collecting the pollen to make the essence of their existence, the sweet tasting chocolate bobbaberry nectar. Colorful butterflies in hues of red, blue, green, and magenta flitted from flower to flower. Birds of every color in the rainbow flitted from butterfly to butterfly. A gentle breeze wafted with the sweet aroma of the Cocoaburra Tree drifted across the peaceful valley.

"GIVE ME YOUR HEART, MY FRIEND.I'LL BE GENTLE," hissed the bright green and purple polka-dotted Serparina.

"GEE, THIS IS A HARD ONE," complained perky little Molly, the Pipkin.

"GOOD GOLLY, MISS MOLLY!", the Serparina hissed back. "What do you expect? Its a Cocoaburra nut."

"Is there really a magic prince trapped inside?", Molly queried.

"Yes, as sure as GHOST SHIPS SAIL THE DEAD SEA, the Great Goobaloo trapped him in there."

Little Molly studied the tempting Cocoaburra nut pensively. "But the Great Goobaloo said we were not to disturb the Cocoaburra tree or its fruits."

"Just trust me, will you?!" The Serparina grew impatient. If she could get the Pipkin to crack the Cocoaburra nut, she could get to the magic medalion hidden inside. It would make her as powerful as the Great Goobaloo. But, only a Pipkin could crack one of the magic nuts.

"But, GRACELAND?.YOU SAID YOU USED TO LIVE IN GRACELAND and I know that not to be true." Little Molly returned. "Everyone knows that only The King lives in Graceland. If you lied about that, you're probably lying about this too,"

The Serparina watched in abject failure as Little Molly carefully placed the Cocoaburra nut back in the fork of the Cocoaburra tree. She turned back to the Serparina, "GONNA FLY NOW," she smiled. She spread her gossamer wings and fluttered off into the lavender horizon.

Little Molly the Pipkin
Give me your heart my friend..I'll be gentle
Gee! This is a hard one!
The latest news flash coming your way "Ghost ships sail the Dead Sea", yes folks, that is what we said. More on that in a minute, first a commercial break.

The well known heart surgeon, Dr. Lovey RushBottom warns us about eating junk foods, remember they may look good, they may taste good, but if you eat too much you will hear this from Dr. Rushbottom, "Give me your heart my friend..I'll be gentle", as she inserts a pacemaker.

Ok, we are back from that commercial break, and now have the latest details - "Graceland?... You say you used to live in Graceland"? were the cries heard by the crowd, our reporter was trying to get in closer to see who they were asking this question of... excuse me, excuse me, TV news, I need to do an interview. Finally she makes it to the middle of this group of people to see what is going on, what do you see Ms. Midriff? Hello in the studio, you, ah, hum, "Good Golly Miss Molly" you won't believe this - - it's, it's Colonel Parker, no relation to Colonel Sanders. Darn - I thought it might be Elvis...

Anyways back to you in the station. Ok folks, sorry, thought we had a bit of wonderful news, guess not. Well, as we continue, the medical field has issued this warning, " Gee!This is a hard one", I am not sure I can manage this, but here we go -- there has been an outbreak of
PNEUMONO­ULTRA­MICRO­SCOPIC­SI... it isn't serious, it just causes depression, brought on by not getting enough "thumbs up" on EduQnA.com. So if you have these symptoms, you need to follow this remedy -

Give everyone regardless of their answer a thumbs up, it will instantly make you feel better, and pretty soon the symptoms of PNEUMONO­ULTRA­MICRO­SCOPIC­SI... will vanish.

With that, we thank our contributors of the news for tonight and we will see you tomorrow, We are "gonna fly now"!
Graceland?... You say you used to live in Graceland?
Ghost ships sail the Dead Sea.
I hope it can wait till tomorrow. I've gotta get up to early in the morning.

Oh my G phrase is...

Get up and go to work you lazy bum!
PEOPLE ARE ACCUSING ME OF COPYING SUNSHINE'S FORMAT. I have NEVER read any of her stories... so how can I copy her?? If anyone should be offended. it is ME because all of you are accusing me of doing something that I didn't do. All I did was sit down, read the 6 phrases and write my story... BY MYSELF!!! How come SHE can write about Matt Dillon and I can't write about the Goonies and the Gobbledygooker? How come you guys want me to pretend that I came up with these characters and their personalities. when I have to give credit to the people who came up with the characters themselves?? Give me thumbs down for copying, but I DON'T CARE. cuz I know that I worked hard on this one and it was one of my BEST! May God forgive you all for accusing me of any wrongdoing!!

I hate you all. but I'm keeping this story I wrote in my own collection because it is one of my best ones. Just because I had some crappy writings before doesn't mean that I can't ever write a good one every now and then. Just because I have a great story doesn't mean that I MUST HAVE copied something or done something wrong... It's not a crime to write... it's also not a crime to be imaginative...

But all of you's... that is what you all are telling me. That it WAS a crime for me to write... and it WAS a crime for me to be imaginative... and it WAS a crime to give credit to the links where I got the characters on. If I wanted to copy... why would I have included the sourcelinks from where I got my characters?? And if I DIDN'T give credit... then all of you's would have accused me of using someone else's characters... and that I didn't come up with the characters' names myself... and that I didn't come up with their personalities myself... Godd. you people... all of you's...

I won't be posting anymore, so THERE! =P Hope you guys are all happy now! I leave guilt-free. but may your consciences stay guilty the rest of your lives... for you all's are DEAD WRONG here!
"Graceland? You say you used to live in Graceland?"
The voice came from an overdressed woman in high heels carrying a Tiffanys bag. Her hair was teased into the most godawful bun you've ever seen.
"Yup," I said, not really wanting this conversation with her right now. Hopefully the curt answer would give her that hint.
"Did you know the Presleys?"
I sighed. Why the hell did people have to be such shallow cliches? "We knew of them. But they always forgot to invite us to their tea parties." Everybody in Graceland knew who Elvis was, of course. They also didn't care. To us, Dr. Gardener, who lived two doors down from Elvis, was just as popular and much more essential to have around than the gyrating guitar man who lived in the large estate. And besides, the man's dogs would bark all night and keep us working joes up.
"Wow. I couldn't imagine how neat it would be to live close to "the king."
That was it. Time to ruin a daydream or two here.
"Sure you can. Tell me, do you have a neighbor now who stumbles onto his lawn at seven in the morning in a tattered bathrobe? Or perhaps he skips the robe altogether and just shows off his old boxer shorts that are worn thin in the seat? Well picture that guy. Now give him a pompadour and a set of bright teeth. That's what it was like living by Elvis."
"You mean Elvis was old Mr. Farley?"
"Good Golly Ms. Molly. Look. It's been darling chatting with you, but I'm gonna fly now."
I pushed my way to the door and pulled the chain. This wasn't my stop, but any stop would do at this point. The Metro just seemed to keep getting smaller and smaller all the time.
"Wait! My name is Carly! Could we get a cup of coffee?"
Just as ghost ships sail the dead sea, the phantoms of thought floated through this woman's mind. I didn't know how to make her take a hint short of beating it into her.
"I'm sorry Carly. I'm allergic to coffee. It gives me a serious case of Sarcasm."
"How about tea then. I want to ask you some questions about the Presleys."
Would this bus ever stop?
"Gee! This is a hard one for you I know, Carly, but Elvis was little more than the type of neighbor you'd like to forget. His largest contribution to Graceland at the time he lived there with us was going on tour and leaving us to our business. And in the days when he put on weight, he would sunbathe in his front yard in little more than a piece of dental floss. Cattle would see him and fall in love. Am I getting through to you here Carly? Earth to Carly?"
Give me your heart my friend...and I'll be gentle.as if.
For a minute, a puzzled expression crossed her face. I had just begun to think that I had gotten through to her. Then:
"I bet Lisa Marie was cute as a baby. Did you all get to meet her?"
The bus had begun to slow down. That was all I needed. I ripped open the doors without the driver's aid and virtually flew out onto the streets of Chicago and back into obscurity...

(For you Elvis fans, I have no idea what he was like as a neighbor. I was just using him because of the Graceland phrase as a tool to make a point about the Carlys of the world. I know a couple people like this, as I'm sure you do to. No disrespect to the king intended. But if you're a Carly, then that was for you!)
Well Golly Gee and Gosh Darn. I am always too late to try this (the phrase, not the story!). Oh well, Can't have everything. Loved the stories. I did want to let ya all know that. If you ever do N words, how about Nattering Nay-bob of Negativism. That is me cuz there is no way I can top these stories. Thumbs up to you all!
Go in peace.

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