1) How do you call someone who sells poultry?

Question:2) whats the explanation to omit the "K" in words like knock, knot etc and "r" in iron?

A fair feathered friend?
the orange peeler...i thought everyone knew that...jeez
1) You look their phone number up in the phone book
2) Knock and knot come from Anglo Saxon language and the k used to be pronounced, but over time, they were dropped. As far as iron, I don't know about you, but I pronounce the r, and I don't know of anyone who doesn't.

PS: I also pronounce the p in humpty and dumpty.

Ok, here's a serious answer for 1) poultry seller or poultry farmer if it is sold directly from the poultry farm.

You should ask: WHAT do you call....not how do you call.
We call them poultry dealers here.

There is no explanation because you don't omit the K in those words. Omit means a different thing, maybe you mean don't pronounce. K and R in those words as well as the p in empty or humpty dumpty are called voiceless consonants.
The word for (1) is 'poulterer', but I don't know if it's used very much now.
Call him by his name. The ks are silent, and the r is pronounced as if it was e.

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