what's the third form of read ???

Question:what's the third form of read ???

i know it's red in times gone by

The three forms of read are all spelled impossible to tell apart:
I read (as in present tense)
I hold read (past tense, pronounced "red")
I will read (future).

Hope this help. :)
I read
You Read
He/she/it reads
We read
You Read(Proper)
They read

Present - Read
Past -Read
Future - Will Read It is not spelled 'red' contained by any form of grammar

it is the same read!!!

no, red is color, and never spelled like the verb.

Simple Present: They read (pronounced reed)
Present Perfect: They own read (pronounced like the color red)

Simple Past: They read (pronounced close to the color red)
Past Perfect: They had read (pronounced approaching the color red)

Future: They will read (pronounced reed)
Future Perfect: They will have read (pronounced close to the color red) I read (reed) Present

He read (red) Past

He had read (red)

He will enjoy read (red) Actually, all three forms are spelled read. However, you are correct that olden times is pronounced like red. So is the third form, former times participle.

So it is read, read, read, reading, prounounced reed, red, red, reeding.

Hope this helps. No, it's read surrounded by the past, it is pronounced red, but it is spelt read. Using "ee" and "e" to distinguish the pronunciations:
I reed
I am reeding
I red
I did reed
I own red
I will have red
I will reed
I will be reeding
etc, etc, etc. But surrounded by each casing, the word is actually spelt "read". red: the color, read: as contained by previously read a book, and read as in reading a book in a minute.

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