"why you ddn't tell me" is it correct to say?

Depends on the context. You can say - Why you didn't tell me you were leaving, I'll never know, or I can't understand why you didn't tell me that. So yes, it is a correct phrase
It should read: "why didn't you tell me"
No, the proper english phrase is "Why didn't you tell me". For slang I guess its fine.
It depends if this is the entire sentence or a section of a sentence. For example, if you say "I understand why you didn't tell me about your new project", it is correct (although missing an 'i'). However, if you are asking a question, it should read "Why didn't you tell me?"
no you would say "why did you not tell me!"
I think your trying to say "Why didn`t you tell me?" , but having thought about it a little longer,the ` in "didn`t" indicates a missing letter,in this case a "o".However this would then read "Why did not you tell me?",which doesn`t sound like very good english either. So, I suggest re-phrasing it as "Why did you not tell me?".
This should be:- "Why did you not tell me?" in good written English. Please note the capital letter "W" after the first quotation mark and the question mark "?" before the second.

If you were reporting colloquial speech, you could have:- "Why didn't you tell me?"

I hope this helps.
I think you mean to say:
"Why didn't you tell me?" as in "Why didn't you tell me about this?"
If it's a question, it should be 'Why didn't you tell me?'.

The phrase could be part of a sentence as well, though - for example 'I want to know why you didn't tell me about this'.
Yes, it is correct to say this. The context of saying this would usually be in some kind of argument or if you were being sarcastic - i.e. Why you didn't tell me you were going out, I don't know. It's not usually a phrase used in an everyday context, though, as it has a very formal tone.

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