A alternate word for personality?

Question:Another way of saying you have lots of personality is a word I'm trying to use in writing but I'm not so sure how to spell it.
It has a f pronounciation to it. The word is phsiaze

Lots of personality? Do you mean pizazz? Something like that?

Alternatives for personalty include: character, complexion, disposition, makeup, nature

BTW pizazz means:
Dazzling style; flamboyance; flair.
Vigorous spirit; energy or excitement.
hmmm.i just like good ol' charisma.good luck.
Don't overlook character.
character as to say someone has lots of character.
It is 'psyche'. It means a persons caracater or personality, what makes them, them
character, traits, nature, behavior, disposition, qualities, temperament, makeup, persona

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