#2 ☼ wants to know..How well do you know Sunshine MacGillicutty, Marshal Matt Dillon et al...?

Question:1. Who was Matt's girlfriend before me?
2. What does she own?
3. What is one of her names she calls me?!
4. What instrument do I play and what is the name of my band??

1. Kitty Russell
2. Long Branch
3. Numbskull from Virginia
4. Guitar /Dodge Boys
1. Miss Kitty Russell
2. She owns a saloon in Dodge
3. Miss Sunshine
4. Bagpipes, Highlanders Gone Wild (I am guessing. Could you tell?)

3. Insipid Hillbilly; Sunshine MacLibido, Sundown MacIdiot
4. Mandolin; Guitar. Sorry, can't find the name of the band.
Matt's Girlfriend prior to you was rumored to have been Dan Blocker in a wig and dress.

She owns the key to Matt's Heart of course.:-)

From what I can figure, she likes the term of endearment, "Matty poo" or "Dilly pumpkin". Very strange that Sunshine..

Ah! This is an easy one. You play the triangle for Daisy May's thundering road show!
Darn it, Kayboff beat me on this one too. Serves me right for cooking when I should be on here. Does anybody know that Miss Sunshine actually does play the guitar and sings and writes music? Does anybody strongly suspect as I do that Miss Sunshine and Mr Arness really do have something going on??? It's so obvious. Too many truths in these stories of yours girl.

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