☼ wants to know.. How well do you know Sunshine MacGillicutty, Marshal Matt Dillon et al...?

Question:For all of you who enjoy reading my Sunshine MacGillicutty stories, here is a little question time.READY??

1. What is the name of my horse? And WHY did I name her that?
2. What was my boyfriend's name, prior to my marriage?
Who portrays him in my stories?
3. What is my home state?

1. Pickett - after Pickett's charge in which Sunny's father participated with honor.
2. Kevin Dunbar - Kevin Costner
3. Virginia
1. I don't know! Is it Mr. Ed? Am I close? Did you name her that because she talks? "Whatchoo talkin' about, Wilbur?"

2. I don't know! Is it James Arness? Isn't it still that (you know, men don't usually change their names when they get married... I changed my first name to "James" to match my Rusty Spring name badge, LOL. Too lazy to change it back.)

3. I don't know! Um, home is where Dodge City is?

1. Pickett's Charge. It's the name of a Civil War battle.
2. Dr. Dylan Stewart
3. West Virginia

Is there something about Sarge we should know about and don't?
1. Pickett's Charge. Civil War battle that Sunshine's father fought in.
2. Kevin Dunbar -Kevin Costner
3. West Virginia
Drat, I got beat out. I knew all but one of them. But I'll just bet you James Arness knew the answers. I'll bet he knows everything about Miss Sunshine. When are you gonna tell all girl??
pickett.w.vir.&d.w..now what was the orginal 1 st show debut,i'll give you a hint(graveyard)<>IS<>

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