Aeropostale: What does it mean and how do you pronounce it?

Question:Does it mean airmail? What language?

Is it postale as in hot tamale or postale as in coastal?

Well is a Store brand of casual clothing for man and women you usually find this at a mall and you pronounce it just like it's writing.
ok it's a store and it's said like air a posle kind of like that!

yep its clotihng store and its pronounced differntly by some people but i say it like this :
I think it could mean air mail but I like the urban dictionary meaning of "preppy". It could be Italian, Spanish, or any other Latin based language but you don't need to know that because it sounds like it is an artificial word that is only the name of a clothing company.

I always pronounce it arrow-po-stal with the end being "al" like Al Bundy.
Definitely airmail. Air-oh-post-Ahl.

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