"My bridges burning behind me." What does that metaphor means?

It means that you have made a decision or choice in your life such that you cannot turn back.
That means as you move along in life, you are losing friends and potentially making enemies.
It means to me, what's in the past remains in the past.. go forward, and don't look back! We can't go back and re-do what we've done earlier, we can only look forward.. and hope there's a better road ahead.
Bridges can stand for an option or solution, since they help you get over a lake or ocean. Whatever you are trying to get over would be the problem. Since the bridge is burning, you need a new solution to your problem. That's how I take it.
When you burn your bridges, you're making irrevocable decisions. You can't go back to where you were before. Sometimes this means that as you've moved forward, you've done something to offend someone.

For example, when you leave a job, you fire off an e-mail to the entire company telling them how much you hated working there. The option of working for that company will no longer be open to you--you've burned that bridge.

Sometimes, two paths are mutually exclusive, and choosing one means you can't choose the other. Example: You're offered a full scholarship to college but have to take it that year or lose it; instead, you decide to try your chances on American Idol. The college scholarship bridge is burned.

In essence, it means there's no going back.
It means if you leave something, such as a job, don't leave on a bad note. Because you may need references from there, or even want to return if the new job doesn't work out.
'Burning bridges' is a deliberate way of preventing any backsliding by removing any method by which people can go back. This can be a bold move when you are not sure whether what you are doing will succeed. It does, however concentrate minds, and managers who may be not fully committed to the change are now strongly motivated to continue.
In warfare, burning a bridge behind you stops any thought of retreat and forces you to advance.
The actual saying is "Don't burn your bridges" What it means is that as you move on in life and experience new people, places and things don't just throw away the people, places and things that you knew before. You never know when someone from your past could greatly influence your future. So always leave on good terms. That way you can always go back. Hence, if you burn your bridges you are now stuck on one side and you can't get back
You've cut your connection with your past, and can't return. This is generally considered a bad idea, as the people who supported you in the past might have supported you in the future. In this case, maybe you felt previous support was worthless, and you wanted a fresh start.
I’ve always heard the saying that you shouldn’t burn your bridges behind you. It means that you’ve cut off all possibilities of going back. That is normally seen as a negative thing but it can possibly be positive if you need to be pushed forward.

For example, if you leave employment to move to another, burning your bridges behind you might consist of insulting your boss and your coworkers so that if the new position doesn’t work out, there is absolutely no possibility of going back to your old position. On the other hand, you are also forcing yourself to keep moving forward and not go backwards. Generally, however, I think it is wise to leave all options open in case you have to go back.
No going back and undoing what you have done.
You have made too many mistakes in your life that you can't go back and correct, so you'll have to find a different way to deal with your circumstances.
'To burn your bridges' means that you don't have certain options open to you any more.
I imagine it's a metaphor from warfare. When the army had crossed the bridge they made sure no one could go back over the bridge and no one could follow them.
It has both the sense of looking only ahead now (and all the possibilities there) and not looking back and saying 'what if...'
since that phase or part of life's journey is past.
4 me, 8 mins dat u nid 2 rush ur decision... of wether 2 continue wid d journey or not...
i think that it is a twist on the saying dont burn your bridges... where it is being suggested that the speaker can not go back to the indicated event or occassion, weather that is the speakers intent or not more info would need to be expressed. it is not so cut and dry as the statment "dont burn your bridges behind you", or "he is burning his bridges behind".

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