2 Questions?

Question:1. What is the only word that has all 5 vowels used in succession?

2. What is the only word that has no vowels (y doesn't count)

i forgot them, thanks.

1. Capernicous
2. fly by why...

hymn Y does count
lb (means pound)
rhythm also is vowel-less!

And what do you mean 'y' doesn't count?!

2. rhythm
1. has been answered.

2. cwm (an obscure word from Welsh meaning "valley". It shows up in some modern dictionaries, so I have to assume somebody still uses it.) Also, hmmm, shhh, grrrr, etc.
I believe there are multiple words that work for Question 1, i.e. facetious or facetiously (which also has y on the end as an added bonus)

Hymn, rhythm, myth, etc. would work for Question 2.

Hope that helps!

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