What does “I didn’t think so” mean in the following context:?

Question:I am an English learner and do not understand what does the phrase “I didn’t think so” mean in the following context (my suggestion is that it means either a) "That’s what I thought" or b) "Sorry, I didn’t mean it." Which is right or did I get it all wrong? Please help!)

"Henry and Janet come out of the woods, a few rabbits slung over their shoulders. Neither is speaking to the other. Janet snatches Henry’s catch from him when they get near the fire.
Now it’s Henry’s turn to give her a dirty look.
Janet, 'Do you know how to skin them, asshole?'
His face says no.
Janet, 'I didn’t think so.'
Henry walks off."

a) "That’s what I thought", is the correct meaning.
It seems to mean a) "that's what I thought".
It means that Janet had already guessed that Henry didn't know how to skin a rabbit.
Hi there,
Your first choice was the correct one. It means, as you say, "That's what I thought." I hope the example text wasn't used in your language course!

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