A man has a lion,a goat n grass...he has 2 pass though the river with one boat, but...?

Question:the boat can only carry 2 thngs at a time so its either the man n the lion or goat or grass, he has to come back for the other 2 n carry them one by one...if he takes the lion, goat will eat the grass n that is not good, if he takes the grass, lion will eat the goat n is no good...how is the man supposed 2 take all three of them without hurtin or eating eachother one by one? give me smart ans...

first trip to the other side: man + goat
second trip: man + lion (when getting to the other side man loads goat again and goes back with the goat)
third trip: man drops off goat and takes grass ... then goes back)
fourth trip: drops off grass where the lion already is
fifth trip: goes back and picks up goat for the second time
sixth trip and last trip: goes back with the goat to where the lion and the grass already are... the end.
... how exhausting for the poor man. but the animals and the grass still exist
The man must allow the lion to attack the goat. With the goat attacked and on the ground, he must then ferry the lion to the other side. Then he can come back and the injured goat will be unable to eat the grass. He can then safely transport each remaining item.
Jump ship. :P
take the goat first then take the grass and lion at same time . you never said the lion will eat grass=)
Ok; he takes the goat first and leaves it. Then he goes back; next, he takes the lion; when he gets there, he puts the goat back in the boat, takes it back across the river, and leaves it, and takes the grass across. He leaves it with the lion. Then he goes back and gets the goat ;-)
He first takes the goat to the other side.Then he goes back for the lion,and brings the lion to the other side.He then takes the goat back with him.Leaves the goat on the original side and takes the grass to the other side.Then he goes back for goat and brings the goat to the other side.
he starts from A and has to go to B , and could carry ONE thing
hope U understand...

first the goat (from side A -> B)
then goes back whit nothing (A <- B)
then the the lion (or the grass , doesn't matter) (A -> B)
when he reaches the other side he leaves the lion but caries the goat back (on the B side)
he leaves the goat and gets the grass (on the A side)
carries the grass (A -> B)
goes back whit nothing (A <- B)
takes the goat on the other side (A -> B)

thats it
du uhhh!!
the man will take th goat first... lion wunt eat grass...
thn hed take th lion. n on his way bak hed bring th goat back t the same place.
on th third trip... hed take th grass. n on th fourth trip hed take th goat again.
sooo simple!!

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