10 pts for First one to get this word!?

Question:What is the word for "story explaining how to world was formed" that has 4 letters?

Both myths and legends are stories with casts of characters and plotlines followed to their conclusions, yet their core elements are different. Myths are tales about the acts of godlike or supernatural beings and/or magical animals which serve to explain the creation of the world or how certain elements of our world came to be (e.g., how the raccoon got its mask) and take place in the far reaches of time (often expressed as "In the days when the world was new"). By contrast, legends are accounts of purported incidents involving ordinary people in more recent times. Although both types of stories are told as true, they are not necessarily believed to be literal truth by either the tellers or their audiences.
as in big bang get it?
Y myth i also read the very long explanation by that guy but still very simple Bang as in big bang NOT MYTH
myth.. the first one got it right.
The word is myth!
myth plz gimmi the 10 point if i say i luv u wil u give them 2 me

i luv u soo much even though i dont no whu u r

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