"I've got spurs that jingle jangle jingle"...now what if I've got spurs that jingle jingle jingle?

Question:Do I win the jackpot?

You're ridin Rudolph??
nope...u just have broken spurs.
then you can jangle jangle jangle, lol
I'll steal your diamonds and bring you back some gold.
I'd like to see them on you in my bedroom:o)
Take your boot off, look at the spur, jiggle it a little to see if it'll jangle.

But You do get a pony..
powerball is 210 mill on Saturday.maybe?
No, you just don't go riding merrily along.
Just because you have a new set of spurs
is no sign that you'll have better luck than the next poor stiff !!

The jangle only comes after they've been through a bit of trial and tribulation !!
maybe, but mainly I would say that you will be doing a whole lot more jingling and a whole lot less jangling.

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