What does the phrase “You gonna be able to keep up your end of this” mean?

Question:I am a native Russian speaker and do not understand what the phrase “You gonna be able to keep up your end of this” means. Could anyone please explain? It is used in the following context:

Peter, “Every Friday we have a team meeting, assess what we need to work on… what can we each bring to the rebuilding. As I said, the food is not much, but you and your friends won’t have any of it for the next four days. You’ll come to the Friday meeting hungry and, I suspect, willing to help us.”
He looks at John. John looks pale is sick [he is severely injured]. Peter, “You gonna be able to keep up your end of this?” John nods. Peter, “You go with David then, get started.”

I think he is reffering to some sort of deal, such as 'would John be able to keep his side of the deal?'
"You gonna be able to keep your end of this?" refers to Peter asking if John can fulfill his side, or duty, of the agreement Peter came up with, so that both sides benefit from it.
it basically means are you going to be able to do or finish this.
Peter is asking John if he is physically able to complete the challenge. The question literally means "are you able to fulfill your part in the project or task?"

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