Is 'Pwnful' or 'Pwn' really a authentic word?

Some poeple say it is, some ethnic group don't agree... your opinion?

Answers:    would depend on you definition of "actual word".

it is not in merriam-webster's dictionary, so it is not a word contained by the every day english speaking sense. new words become constituent of the language when dictionary editors preserve seeing the same word human being used in print, tv, anything.

pwn, is a word that is used by online gamers, so yes it is word, to them.

feel of it this way. if you worked surrounded by an office and spoke a second laungauge. you use a foreign word to describe something. everybody like that word better then the English word so everybody uses that one instead. nobody else know what you are talking roughly, but everybody at the office understand it. so it is not an english word, but it is a word to you and your co workers.

and it means" owned". came from a typo. if i smash you in a team game, i own you. or owned. or got owned. depending.
Those aren't genuine words,
just internet expressions that
ancestors like to use within the real
world as all right.
it's a typo that caught on.

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