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Question:You see me often ladies,
For I am a part of your life.
I sometimes bother babies
But prefer to cause adults strife.
My looks are a sign of your personality.
My strength cannot measure up to yours.
With most people I am there for eternity.
Onto me, water often pours.
Many look to me with pride,
While others wish to change me.
Drifting slowly, my time I bide
Waiting for you to see
That I am just a thing you're given,
Not something very important.
For I have always been and will forever be dead.

hmmm.so what' s the answer?

water pours=washing
there 4 eternity=some ppl dont cut it, or dont go bald..
wish to change=cut/dye/style
hair=dead cells
Hair, but you all know that by now.

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