10 letter word containg all consonants?

Well, as there are 21 consonants in the English alphabet, you couldn't come up with a 10 letter word containing all the consonants.

Or do you mean *only* consonants? ; )

I don't think there is a 10 letter word that meets the criteria (at least not in the English language). The longest word I could find is only 7 letters long: rhythms.
But that still doesn't really count, as "y" is sometimes used as a vowel. Anyway, there you go.
As there are 5 vowels in our alphabet, that leaves 21 consonants. How could a 10 letter word contain 21 letters?
the answer is CONSONANTS....

count it, and there are ten letters and the word is consonants.isn't it?
Your question is ambiguous. What do you want? A 10 letter word containing only consonants? I don't believe there is one in the English language. Want something else? Reword your question and ask it again.
I think you're playing with us here. It's a trick question, right? And the answer is supposed to be 'consonants'. But it's a lame joke and not very clever.
'Nymphfly' is the longest word I could find in English.
Twyndyllyngs is longer but is not English.
This depends on the language, of course. In English, there cannot be a word spelled only with consonants. English uses vowels to indicate voicings (the vocal cords vibrate), and consonants to indicate stops (the airflow through the throat is interrupted).

The idea of five vowels is a misconception. There are, of course, A (pronounced "ah"), E ("eh"), I ("ee"), O ("oh"), and U ("oo"), but think of the words "water" and "dainty". Say them slowly and listen carefully. The "w" of "water" is voiced ("oo"), as is the "y" of "dainty" ("ee"). Because they are voiced, they are vowels. W is an unstressed U, and Y is an unstressed I.

Incidentally, taking this view makes W's name clear. "Double-U" is U's double.

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