"as far as is practicably possible" or "as far as is practically possible"... which one is correct ??

The root word is PRACTICAL, so the correct one is PRACTICALLY. But it is wrong when you say "as far as is practically possible". The correct one is "as far as practically possible" or "as far as it is practically possible".
The first one
practically possible
As far as it is practically possible...
both correct - both mean different things in law

practically is the ability of the individual

practicably is what is reasonable to be expected (may exceed the ability of the individual)
practically is the right word.
the second one
" AS FAR AS PRACTICABLY POSSIBLE" it is out of health and safety documentation from the government. It is all do with health and safety at work, safe systems of work, risk assessing and trying to eliminate risk of injury.
I think you either have to write "as far as possible" (first choice) or "as far as practicality allows" (second choice), or that other one you have there... though it doesn't say the same thing really, that other one, does it?
They mean slightly different things.
Practicably possible limits the possibility to what is capable of being carried out.
Practically possible limits the possibility to what is usual to carry out.
You have to try a bit harder to do what is practicable rather than what is practical.
If your intention is to suggest that something be done to a certain degree, drop the practicably or practically from your sentence, it is not necessary and will only serve to confuse or distract your reader.

. . . as far as possible . . .

"Possible" is the key. Either something is possible or it is not possible, there is no grey area.

I hope this helps.
The first phrase means "as far as is possible in practice",and the second means " as far as is almost possible". Two differing meanings.
As far as is possibly practical, one should try to avoid using the word 'practicable', as most people don't actually seem to understand exactly what it means.

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