█ Can you write a little story that includes these phrases??

Question:1. Out,out, brief candle.
2. That was vewy,vewy stwange..OMG ! I sound like Elmer Fudd!
3. In my expert opinion, __________
4. Your thoughts remind me of the messages in Chinese fortune cookies.
5. I begged you to get therapy!
6. Now what would Superman do at a time like this?

I wrote a poem, this was fun.

As I ran in fright
I fell and lost my sandal,
In the darkest night
Went out, out, brief candle.

No shadows, no moonlight
Just a loud thud
That was vewy, vewy stwange...
OMG! I sound like Elmer Fudd!

I'm in trouble here
In my expert opinion, Fred,
Something sure is very near
That may just want me dead.

I slowly turn around and see
My ex right by my side,
"I begged you to get theraphy!" I yell
"You said you did, you lied!"

Now what would Superman do
At a time like this?
Fly into the wild beyond
Or smash him with his fist?
I don't really feel like taking the time to write a short story, but those phrases sound like they would go perfectly into a story about someone who is mentally insane, they themselves saying the really strange lines such as 1,2, and 6. And someone, maybe a friend or acquaintance of the insane person could say 4 and 5 to them. And a doctor could tell the friend number 3. Well that is what I thought of when I read those phrases, anyway.

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