4 short questions?

Question:1.Do Americans understand the English accent of people living in Manchester?Don't u think they speak with a strong british accent ?
2.How do u pronounce Terios?It's a car trademark.
3.In manual cars,there is the gas paddle,next to the brakes which is next to what paddle?'cause there r three paddles in manual car and I wanna know what it's called?

4.Do u understand what the rapper Sean paul says?Do u find it easy to understand Rappers?Is it as easy as understanding pop stars and rock stars?

Can u help me,please?

1. Being an English girl from Burnley,LANCASHIRE (25 miles north of Manchester) I can tell you that when I backpacked across America a few years ago , I had ABSOLUTELY no trouble making myself understood and I didn't meet anyone who had trouble understanding me.
(they DO speak a kind English in The U.S.A.,although George Bernard Shaw might not think so.(her once siad America & England are two countries divided by a single language.
2 I've no idea how to prononce this word,
3 Firstly I think you should be calling the things on the floor PEDALS and NOT Paddles. Secondly the THIRD PEDAL which you are asking about is called the CLUTCH Pedal. You need to press it down with your foot to change gear
4 Rap music, as far as I'm concerned, should be spelt with a "C" in front of it IE Crap "music" and no i can't understand it .
1-In general, short of a few Local Words, everyone who speaks english can understand each other. It is when you get into very heavy accents, like english or south that it becomes difficult, but not impossible.



4-no idea, can't say i have heard him

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