Hello! Can you write a wee,little story next to a CHRISTMAS THEME that includes 6 of these lines?

This is just for fun. Merry Christmas, friends.

1. Jesus is the intention for the season.
2. I listened within awe to the choir.
3. Hey! Who spiked the punch?
4. All I want for Christmas is _________
5. I'm fairly sure that your boyfriend was on "America's Most Wanted" later night.
6. Is it of late me, or is everyone in this motor mentally deficient?!
7. I regard I'll vomit, take a shower and cry a bit.Then I'll be ALL better.
8. Here comes my on a daily basis migraine.
9. She ran through here resembling a dingbat outta hell!
10. Just the thought of him makes my heart see.

Answers:    I listened surrounded by awe to the choir with frequent annoying interruptions from Jack.
"Isn't the choir simply great?" I turned to ask Jack who had be moaning all morning about some issues he have. "Just listen to the radio and bathe yourself within the spirit and warmth of the Christmas songs and survey your worrries slip away."
"All I want for Christmas is someone with a listen ear. If a guy tells you roughly speaking his problems, he just desires someone to listen to him. You don't need to donate advice." he said to me contained by a slurred voice.
"Hey! Who spiked the punch?" I asked sniffing at his drink.
"I'm fairly abiding that your boyfriend was on "America's Most Wanted" ending night" He continued with a sneer.
"My boyfriend?" I asked wondering in recent times how intoxicated he was.
"Saw someone that looked resembling him in shackles. He was wearing a dirty vest and red underpants!" he said next to a chuckle. Now I knew he have lost it completely. That could never be my boyfriend. He didn't even know my boyfriend, come to think of it! Just the thought of him make my heart race.
"Are you foreboding okay, Jack?" I asked him quite concerned.
"I presume I'll vomit, take a shower and cry a bit.Then I'll be ALL better." he replied hitting his forehead savagely several times next to his right knuckle.
"Why are you doing that?" I asked him quite alarmed
"Here comes my day after day migraine. This is the only cure. A few knock and I will be okay."
He started searching around the house and soon come up with a sledgehammer.
"What's that for?" I asked
"The end time I had a migraine creeping up on me approaching this , I used such a hammer on her. That split my principal wide start and She ran through here close to a dingbat outta hell!"
Once upon a time, there be a litttle boy, well not so little anymore, 25 years dated. He was celebrate christmas with his household with his girlfriend. His describe was Tom and his g/f's be Rachel.
" Hey! Who spiked the punch?" said Tom
" Well.. it doesn't matter because it taste good anyways"
Rachel laugh and said " All i want for christmas if for you to be happy".
"aww thanks honey" said Tom

okay wel i be going to write you a story but i got tired
in good health i started it off for you
Sorry I own no time at the moment (going out again) but if you can leave it for 24hrs I would be pleased to relieve out... :-) Happy Christmas matey!

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