¥φ▌ Okay.. Story writers..Ready for something new??

Question:The first 6 people to post ONE phrase that they would like to have listed, will have their phrase listed. ( IT MUST BEGIN WITH THE LETTER "D")
So instead of me making up the phrases..YOU have a hand in it!!
Confused? You'll see... It's really quite simple.

The Rush Limbaugh show ended early afternoon. Work ended at 4 and Earl and Jack are now sitting in their trailer popping the top on some cold ones.

The news came on. They hate the news. Liberal media. They've heard that phrase and they've repeated it many times.

Hillary is seated at the top of the table giving a fund raising speech before some Democratic group. (1)"Don't you know dat dumb donkeys don't drink during dinner deez days," said Earl. "Except Ted Kennedy," said Jack. They almost fell out of their chairs laughing. " I love Ted Kennedy drinking jokes," said Earl, "Dems is always so dang funny."

The next story on the news was covering an Obama speech. They weren't listening to either the speech or the commentator. "Ja hear him, Ja hear him Earl, Obama says (2) "Does it really matter that I'm a little different?"" " A little different?" Earl says. "(3) does anyone see what I see?" Earl shouts at the T.V. " YOU'RE TOO YOUNG!!"

They both fall out of their chairs laughing. As soon as Earl regains his composure, he says "Jack I can't believe that the Democrats may actually win this election coming up. They want to get out of Iraq and just turn this country over to the terrorists."

" (5) Do dumb donkeys really do that? " asked Jack

"Oh man it's gonna be bad" says Earl. " Hillary will even push for socialized medicine again."

Jack say "We can't afford to take mom to the Doctor, we don't have insurance. She's got that thing growing out of her neck so I don't see why socialized medicine would be so bad."

Earl looks at Jack and says "It's communism, pure communism Jack!"

Jack says,"Earl; I know you listen to Rush all the time and you can repeat about everything he says but (4) do you delve into deeper discussions?"

"Ugggghhhhhhhh..... nope" replied Earl. "Hey Jack, did you see that their bringing Schlitz back again? Hey MA.. bring us some more beer."

An elderly woman with a thing growing out of her neck, comes in to the room carrying 2 Old Milwaukees. She put the beers on the cement block between the two chairs. She slapped Earl across the back of the head and said "(6) Donuts and dill pickles, don't dirty up the dishes.
Wow... this was kinda hard... but I tried...

Life is such an oddity. So many questions, some have answers, some don't. Some are serious questions and well-meaning ones that can give insight into ourselves... like "Does it REALLY matter that I'm...a little different?" Then you have the really out-of-nowhere questions and statements that just don't make any sense at all like "Don't you know dat dumb donkeys don't drink during dinner deez days?", "Donuts and dill pickles don't dirty up the dishes", or "Do dumb donkeys really do that?" Such absurdity...like who really cares? Who really cares about what dumb donkeys do and don't do? What even IS a dumb donkey? Who cares about what doesn't dirty up dishes? I mean dishes are meant to be used, no? What good is having them if they aren't used? A question more worthy of asking would be "What gets them squeaky clean again?" But even admidst all of the seriousness and absurdity of this all, there still is a lesson to be learned: prioritizing according to importance. You have to know what questions to ask; you have to know which ones to really ponder. Life is short. too short... to be asking silly questions. The time it takes to ask a silly question means less time to devote to ones worth seeking an answer. Or so I thought...

One day, I was just walking along with a friend of mine, Rachael, and we got to talkin', just a casual conversation and this is how it went...

Me: "You know anything about mules?"

Rachel: "No, I don't know really all that much about them, except the usage of the phrase 'dumb as a mule'. Why, just the other day I was talking to my girlfriend, Alicia, about how I was sooo stupid and blind to fall for Kevin, my ex. How, again, I had to fall for one who's as dumb as a mule about love and relationships! But honestly, I don't feel too bad about the falling out. I'm just better without him. It makes me really stop and think about why I am drawn to people like that. I must be attracted to those types of guys for some reason. Sometimes when people don't quite understand why I go out with those types of guys, I wonder to myself, 'But does anyone else see what I see in the guy?' Apparently not. What the real story is is that they see something that I just don't... There is a common thread; I just haven't figured it out yet."

Do you delve into deeper discussions like that that just start out with a bizarre question, but then ends up leading you to something worth pondering? I often do.

I guess, in the end, it doesn't really matter what kinds of questions we ask or what kinds of statements we make. So long as they are thoughtful and we realize which are important and which ones are not as important. And as for those silly questions, statements, and answers, if in the end we do find out that they were silly and that they didn't lead to something worthwhile, so long as we learn why they were silly is all that really counts.
Dora DoLittle, The Eight Foot Woman, was in love again, but the object of her affection had no idea as of yet! She had been with the Traveling Circus of Human Oddities for ten years now and had more than her share of infatuations, but this was different!
Her first love affair had been with Dan The Donkey-Man, who was half man and half beast.
"Does it REALLY matter that I'm...a little different?" he had asked. It hadn't!
At first things were great but after a while he turned into a real ***!! He started drinking heavily and became a dud in the sack. Dora was not happy!!
"Dont you know that dumb donkey's don't drink during dinner deez days" she said playfully one day, trying to get him to ease up on the drinking. He became furious and cantered out!
Later she found him in the horse stall, doing ....the unspeakable!!! She stared in fascination for a while thinking,"Do dumb donkeys really do THAT!!?"
Needless to say it was the end of their relationship!
After Dan there had been others, but now she had FINALLY found the man of her dreams! The only problem was, he didn't know it yet!
She gathered up her courage and tapped lightly on his door.
Dragar, the Albanian Midget Wrestler answered. Dora smiled nervously,
"I baked this apple pie and wondered if you might like to share it with me. Have you eaten yet?"
Dragar quickly invited her in. "Nah, just donuts and dill pickles,...don't dirty up the dishes that way"
At first things were rather awkward. They discussed the circus life and how the traveling discouraged long-term relationships. "Do you delve into deeper discussions with men or women?" she suddenly asked him. Well. that seemed to break the ice and they spent the rest of the night getting to know one another. They awoke at 5 Am both feeling exilarated with their new found romance, and decided to take a dip in the ocean. While the two frollicked in the water, a beachcomber was passing by, making his early morning run. "Does anyone else see what I see" He wondered as he watched the mismatched pair disappear into the waves. He shook his head and kept going, making a mental promise to himself to quit drinking!
Does anyone else see what I see?
Do you delve into deeper discussions?
Bob loved to ask questions. That was fine until he started asking funnier questions.
He pointed to a donkey eating a carrot. He asked to the stableman " Do dumb donkey's really do that"?
" He's not dumb, so don't pick on him.
After the stableman gave the donkey some water and dinner, he asked" Don't you know dat dumb donkey's don't drink during dinner these days"
" Does it really matter if I'm a little different?"
" Do you delve into deeper discussions?"
"Donuts and dill pickles,don't dirty up the dishes."
" Oh no! What have I got myself into?
" I don't want to, sir.
The end.
Stayed tuned to see what happens to Bob.
Donuts and dill pickles,don't dirty up the dishes.
Dread filled the Doctor as he approached Dragar the Albanian midget wrestler's room.

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