What is “the bed of the truck”?

Question:What is “bed of the truck”? Is it some part of the truck (if so, what part is it?)? The sentence the phrase is used in is “In the bed of the truck Jack looks back towards the university.”

The bed of the truck is the load space in the back. The sentence sounds like Jack was not driving or a passenger in the cab, but was out in the open part of the truck.
in a pick up truck it is the back part that has no roof over it and no seats or anything
I personally call it "The Honeymoon Suite".
"The bed of the truck" is the part from the backseat back. The open part. The part that people are talking when they say pickup truck.
The back part where you haul stuff in
It's the back where you haul stuff.It's called a bed because it's flat and you can put things in it.
That's were boys and girls do dirty things

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