"He/she/it scares John" vs. "You/they/we scare John"?

Question:What is the difference? why do you use "scare" for you, they, and we and "scares" for he, she and i, as with any other verb? is "scare" infinitive? then what is "scares"? is that infinitive, too?

"Singular" forms of verbs look plural and "plural" forms of verbs look singular. That's just a basic rule of the English language. For example:
he runs vs they run
she swims vs they swim
we ride vs it rides

Got it? Just a rule of grammar.
God Bless.
Nah, you're making it too complicated. "Scare" and "scares" are just present-tense verbs. The differences is that "scares" is singular and "scare" is plural (which is why they match up with the singular and plural pronouns, respectively).

The infinitive form of that verb is "to scare." In most languages the infinitive is just one word, but in English it's usually the word "to" followed by the simple form of the verb.
You*, they, and we are plural pronouns, so they use scare. On the other hand, he, she, and it are all singular, so they use scares.

*: You can use both singular and plural verbs; however, because of this ambiguity, the plural form is used universally.
scare is not infinitive. an infinitive would be: They like "TO SCARE" john. We use "scares" for only a 3rd person singular subject (he,she, it) or any noun that falls into that category.
e.g.movie=it, boy=he, girl=she.
"Scare" is used for every other form of the subject. (I, you, we, they). An infinitive is actually not even a verb. An infinitive is the noun form of a verb. I want "to go" there. "want" is the verb" and "to go" is the direct object.
The infinitive is 'to scare'.
The verb 'to scare' is a regular verb, so the endings are the same as all other regular verbs.

I scare
you scare
he/she/it scares
we scare
you scare
they scare

They are the rules for all regular verbs.
The only one that takes the 's' is the third person singular (he/she/it).

I drink
you drink
he/she/it drinks
we drink
you drink
they drink

I jump
you jump
he/she/it jumps
we jump
you jump
they jump

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