☼ wants to know.Can you write a little story that includes these " X " phrases?

Question:I'm going to go through the alphabet.
Nope. This is not homework...Just some wholesome ,creative FUN on YA.

1. X marks the spot
2. X rays are road maps
3. XXX's and OOO's
4. XYZ. Must be some sort of code.
5. Xylophones make lovely muisc.
6. X Chromosome

Man, college is the place to be if you're a 20 year old guy and you you want to meet some very cool and 'with it' chicks. Guys have a special way of walking that's all their own when they want to pick up chicks. So I was strolling across campus looking really cool when I spotted Mary Lou. She was the finest little woman on Campus and I was dying to meet her. We had Biology I together but I hadn't had the opportunity to speak to her yet.

I started across campus to intercept her. X MARKS THE SPOT and her tight jeans had an X stitched on each hip pocket. The action going on in those jeans was like two fighting chihuahuas tied up in a gunnysack. She was headed for the Biology class room.

XYLOPHONES MAKE LOVELY MUSIC especially with a mambo beat and that was exactly what my heart was doing right now! My X CHROMOSOME was already doing the mambo and wandered if her XX chromosome would like to join me. Talk about X ray vision?! X RAYS ARE ROAD MAPS and my x ray vision was mapping out every inch of her body!

I caught up with her at the class room door. "Hey, pretty lady," I smiled at her with my sexiest smile, practiced in front of the mirror to perfection and designed to knock the ladies dead. "How's it going?" She looked me up and down and proceeded on into the class room and took a seat. I followed not willing to give up that quickly.

"How about going to the snack bar with me after class?." I asked as I took the seat behind her. She hastily scribbled something on a piece of paper and passed it back to me. "XYZ"...MUST BE SOME SORT OF CODE, I thought to myself. But what?

I didn't want to appear stupid so I decided to reply to her note with another code, the international code for hugs and kisses. So I scribbled XXX'S AND OOO'S on the bottom of her note and passed it back to her. She read it and hastily started writing something on the bottom of it.

Wow! I thought. She's actually writing something and not just letters. I was scoring with the prettiest and most popular girl on campus! I could hardly contain my eagerness and enthusism as she passed the note back.

I opened it and read, "Xamine Your Zipper!" My eyes flew to the acursed subject of her note. I never spoke to Mary Lou again.
Ima have to skip this one due to complete lack of talent.lol
Bring on Y
The crime investigation officer led me to the house where the murder had taken place. "Where was the body found?" I asked, as we entered the dark house. "X marks the spot," he said pointing to the kitchen floor, where there was a large X made by red tape. I shuddered, imagining the victim fall to his death. Next to the X was something written in.. what appeared to be blood. It wasn't English, but a strange language of repetitive XXX's and OOO's. At the bottom was a signature - XYZ. "XYZ... " said the detective.. "Must be some sort of code." After taking a few shots of the crime scene, we headed back to the van where the body was.

(to be continued.. Hey, I'll come back to this in a while, okay! I have to go now!)
*grins* ----> eeeedddddiiiiittttt !!!

*thinks* .. ummmmmmmm, this is tough.... if i cant come up with something funny soon, i'll just delete my answer.

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