:-) what does it mean?

smile :)
You were happy about either your own comment or someone else's.
tilt your head to the left. It's a smiley.
your kidding right
duh Ü
Smile :-D
Tip your head to the left and look at it! It is a smile!
May God bless you
smile with an eyes, nose and a lips
its a smiley...cant u tell? :) =) :-] =] :-) :~)
Smile :-).
It means you are chuckling about something and wish to share that.
smiley face :)
its a smiley face on its side
its a smiley face
happy smiley face. or colon minus parenthesis. hahah.
If you put your right ear on your right shoulder when you look at :-) you will see a smiley face.
the symbol??

is a happy face a smile...hmmmmm

and if the right on right doesn't show you try left on left
it is a smiley face with a nose. The more common variation is more simple, :). You can also get faces like :P (which is a tongue sticking out) and :( (which is an upset face). They are often used on sms messages or instant messengers.

Go the link provide and it will tell you the meaning of any "urban" word, phrase or thing you don't understand...
I'm guessing that you just started using a computer.Yes it is a smiley face with a nose and laying on it's left side. Hit the shift tab then : hit the shift tab then - Hit the shift tab then ) ... Here's one for you that ya don't see to often. (_)? That is a cup of coffee. So if you are in a chat or instant message conversation and want to go pour a cup of coffee just type brb (be right back) followed by the coffee cup symbol...(_)? the question mark is suppose to be the handle on the cup. Incidentally, to all the know it all's about computers.you don't know it all and you were at this point once also.
This is Al Gore's new symbol. It means Global Warming is going to KILL you!

All mean smile or happy.

It is the computer keyboard version of a smiley face.

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