(I'm American) What does the "pp" mean at the GB £28pp?

Question:GB £28pp... what does each thing mean? I think the GB means "Great Britain" the 28 obviously means 28 pounds, but what does "pp" stand for?

Per Person

EDIT ...a yank asked a question (MY WORD) he must be totally confused by these answers.. if you don't know,. DON'T ANSWER
gb = sterling. pp = per person
per person
postage and packing
pp= Per Person

PPPN=Per Person Per Night

PN=Per Night
pence. If there isnt a figure before it, it will be no pence. There are 100 pence (pennies) in a pound.
Or like above - per person or post and package. Depends where its written.
Personal Property
per person
P=Per P=Person

£28.00 per person
post and packiging
Could be pounds and pence or postage and packing depending what is £28.
It means per person.
This is usually found in adverts for accommodation. For example: Hotel room, £ 28.00 per person, per night.
Per Person.
If you are ordering something on the internet then i would think it means postage and packaging. Hope this helps.
per person
If ordering on internet then it means postage and packaging. If hotel or room or anything like that then it means per person.
pp always means per person.
Postage and packing is expressed thus - P&P.
per person, like if you were looking at hols then it is 28spots per person and another way is pppn means per person per night.

BTW spots is my term for pounds
I would think that pp means per person.
p and p.would be postage and packing
pp means ( per person), Example a night staying in a Hostel may cost 28 GB (Great British Pounds) per person per night.
This is quite simple,how about post and packing.
It means "per person". But depending on the quality of the brochure or web page where you saw it, it could (wrongly) mean postage and packing. Postage and packing (what you would call "shipping" in America) should be "p&p".
per person
per person

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