"pin" number?

Question:Pin (number????)?
why do people persist in saying pin NUMBER? dont they know that "PIN" is a acronym for Personal Identification Number and so there is no need to tack the word "number" on the end of it.
Ive even seen "personal pin number" used (this was by a bank as well!)
Only a matter of time before we see the totally absurd "personal identification pin number" !! LOL @ dicks!
I know i asked this before but I didnt get a chance to say to the idiot who thinks I want everyone to say "whats your personal identification number?" that, NO actually, Id like them to say "whats your PIN please?" !!!!!!!!!!

Yes, you're absolutely right, and it is stupid. Still, no one cares, apparently.

If it will make you feel better, there are other examples of the same thing. My favorite: "the hoi polloi" (meaning the ordinary people); "polloi" is Greek for "ordinary people," "hoi" is Greek for "the." So, "the hoi polloi" means "the the ordinary people.

Those of us who actually care about what language really means seem to be in a small minority. (But we know all these interesting secrets!)
Aren't there better things to spend your frustrations on? This is silly. They can call it whatever they darn well please. There are more important things to get angry about.
I don't know what country you're from, but we have 2 spellings for that word here in the US. They mean 2 different things. "Pin" here, with no further explanation, means a small, straight, pointed, and sharp object used to fasten a lose object. "Pen" is a writing implement. That's why we HAVE To have it that way. We here can figure it out. If you have someone dealing with "PIN" for the first time, THEY may not know and newcoming foreigners may not either.
Wow, I bet the originator of the PIN is basking in your fervid defense of the acronym. Does it really hurt anyone to say, "number."

All MacBook Pros are laptops. I hope I don't get berated the next time I say I love my MacBook Pro laptop.

There are so many other things to worry about in this world. By the by, the correct spelling of your dear word is PIN. ;-)

PIN /pɪn/
–noun Computers.
a number assigned to an individual, used to establish identity in order to gain access to a computer system via an automatic teller machine, a point-of-sale terminal, or other device.
[Origin: p(ersonal) i(dentification) n(umber)

fer·vid /ˈfɜrvɪd/
1. heated or vehement in spirit, enthusiasm, etc.: a fervid orator.
2. burning; glowing; intensely hot.
[Origin: 1590–1600; < L fervidus boiling. See fervent, -id4]
Maybe the guy who wants your "personal PIN number" wants the "most complete" information!

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