"I saw she leave" -- is it right?

Question:I saw on a TV show, somebody saying "I saw she leave". Is it right? Thanks,

No...it's "I saw HER leave." ...one of my pet peeves is when they use "I" instead of "me"...thinking that it's more proper. ..like.." They gave the award to her and I". You should take out the other person and say it. You wouldn't say "They gave the award to I"..would you? See how wrong that sounds.? OK...that's my Grammar lesson for today...no charge!!
I don't think so.. I think it's i saw her leaving
No, this is not a proper sentence. It should be, "I saw her leave."
"I saw her leave" is correct.
The person on TV may have been playing someone with a limited understanding of English grammar, or a dialect from another English-speaking country.
I saw her leave
It's "i saw her leave" unless the person who was leaving name was "She" then it would be fine, and she would need to be capitalized.
Not right. It is, "I saw her leave."
"I saw her leave" sounds better to me.
No, i don't think thats right, theis sounds better than what that somebody said on TV.

'I saw her leave'

just me though.

It should be, "I saw her leave."
She should be "her"

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