☼ wants to know...Can you write a little story that includes these phrases?

Question:1. He's got it bad; And that ain't good.
2. Awwww, Doc. It's only a scratch.
3. Them's fightin' words, mister.
4. An eerie silence had settled over the townsfolk...QUITE unsettling.
5. Horace Potter and The Kid From Nantucket glared at the U.S.Marshal.
6. Quick! Someone alert Sunshine MacGillicutty.She'll want in on this!

BONUS PHRASE: That's just the measure of my love, buckaroo

(line) AN ERIE SILENCE HAD SETTLED OVER THE TOWNSFOLK... QUITE UNSETTLING.Milton, the local hypochondriac was back in the Doc's office, for the ninth time this week.
His usual weekly visits numbered twenty-five throughout the course of a seven day period. Most times he came in for no reason whatsoever, taking up the good doctor's time for trivial things. Earlier that week he rushed to the Doc to have him look at a insect bite on his hand, thinking that it could possibly be malaria. It wasn't.
Milton's obsessive over-worrying of contracting a fatal illness by the most ordinary means was so frequent and predictable in fact, that even the towns folk began to take bets on the outcome of his exams.
Down at the LongBranch local patrons had a pool going on :day of the week, type of illness feared, actual cause, and Doc's prognosis. It became the the highlight of Saturday nights at the saloon, and the main source of personal entertainment for the people of Dodge City.
But today was different. Milton was actually injured, or so it seemed. He'd been riding his horse through the centre of the town when Betsy got spooked, and threw him off. He was actually bleeding.
It's not that his fellow citizens weren't worried for him, but, you have to understand. it was actually almost never that Milton had vaild reason to go to the Doc, and this weeks Pool total was very high. Winner got $200. Word spread through the town like wild-fire:
"Milton got thrown from his horse! It may be serious!"
" Milton's gone to see the Doc... (line) HE'S GOT IT BAD; AND THAT AIN'T GOOD!"

The entire town rushed outside the infirmary, as Milton and the Doc sat inside. Half-curious, half-concerned, the townsfolk began to re-adjust their wagers. " Five dollars on Milton actually being hurt!" said one. "I got nine dollars that says he ain't!!" said another. (line) HORACE POTTER AND THE KID FROM NANTUCKET GLARED AT THE U.S MARSHALL.(line) "QUICK! SOMEONE ALERT SUNSHINE MACGILLICUTTY...SHE'LL WANT IN ON THIS!" said Horrace. It was as good as done.

By the time Sunshine arrived, it was utter chaos down at Doc's. "Settle down boys," said Sunshine, "I'm not gonna have any of this rabble-rousing out here." The townsfolk quieted. Sunshine's word was as good as a verdict around there, and all men knew to hold their tongue when she spoke. Marshall Dillon stood along side her. "We're gonna head on in there, see what the situation is. You boys keep it down." said Dillon."And mind your manners," added Sunshine, "Milton could actually be really hurt."
"Awwww come on now! You don't really believe that do ya?" said one upity out-of towner. "Leave it to a woman to think such nonsensical things. You shouldn't even be a talkin'. " The crowd went dead silent, all eyes slowly turning towards the visitor. Nobody EVER spoke like that to Sunshine.. especially with the Marshall standing right by her side. This man was as good as dead.
"Pardon me, Cowbody?" said the Marshall, "(line) THEM'S FIGHTIN' WORDS, MISTER." "Uhhh..." mumbled the tourist, looking for a sign of affirmation among the crowd. All eyes slowly began to look away and towards the ground. "Uhhhhh," he stammered again, now trembling with fear. "Nothin' sir, nothin'. I guess I done spoke outta line."
"That's what i thought," said the Marshall. "I'll be dealin' with you when i get back," he said sternly, "but right now I'ma go on in and check on Milton." Sunshine and the Marshall turned towards the door. Sunshine said firmly, "Well thank you Marshall for defendin' me and all, but I'm a big girl, I can handle myself around here." Dillon smiled and said, "Oh i know it, but (line) THAT'S JUST THE MEASURE OF MY LOVE, BUCKAROO."

As Marhall Dillon and Sunshine made their way into the Doc's office, Sunshine pulled a wad of cash out of her garter belt and said, "One hundred bucks says he's only scratched and it ain't nothin' serious." Dillion smirked. Sunshine never lost a bet, especially where it concered Milton's "injuries" but he thought this time that maybe since a horse was involved, there might be a chance of winning. "I'll take that bet," said the Marshall, "and raise you an extra $50 that not only is it serious, but that he has to be on bed rest for a week."
"Agreed," laughed Sunshine, "But you're gonna eat those words, just you wait."

When they got into the exam room, there was Milton propped up on the table, with the Doc applying antiseptic. "What happened, Milton?" said Dillon, "I hear you took quite a spill, you alright?" Milton nodded yes, and then the Doc turned round slowly. "Lucky for Milton when Besty freaked out like she did, he was close by the Feed Store. She tossed him right onto a pile of Hay and grain. Broke his fall and saved his life." Marshall Dillon stood there in utter disbelief. He made his way over quickly to Milton, grabbing hold of his arm. (line) "AWWWW, DOC... IT'S ONLY A SCRATCH!!" he said, almost crying. Sunshine smiled from ear to ear. "Glad to hear you're alright Milton," she said. "Now if you'll kindly excuse us, the Marshall and I have some unfinished business that needs attending to." With that Dillon, head bowed shamefully, depressedly made his way over to Sunshine. They exited the room together, and closed the door behind them. Sunshine said triumphantly, "I'll be taking my winnings Marshall, and I thank you kindly." He slowly pulled the wad of cash out of his pocket, handing it over. "I should've known better than to bet againt you Sunshine," he said, half laughing. It was true, Sunshine never lost a bet.
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An eerie silence had settled over the townsfolk…

It had been too long without word of life. They had waited for too long in deathly silence. There were only 5 alive that they knew about, and their wits were breaking.

Horace Potter and The Kid from Nantucket glared at the U.S. Marshal. The U.S. Marshal eyed the Doc, and the Doc refused to make eye contact with anyone. Where the hell was Sunshine? Where was his wife? She had gone for help hours ago. Was she in danger? Was she next?

IT came from a saloon. Well, a Las Vegas saloon look-alike, anyway. IT snarled through the swinging doors, limped ITS way toward the group the frightened people and made ITS attack.

“AAAAAH! It’s got me! It’s got me!” the Marshal screamed, giving in to the weight of the creature on top of him. “God Help Me!”


A bullet ripped through the head of the zombie, barely missing the U.S. Marshal’s left ear. “Are you trying to kill me?!” he cried, and leapt up as if to escape a team of fire ants. He frantically wiped himself, hoping to brush the blood away. “Did it get me?”

No one could answer. They just stared at the gaping wound in the man’s neck. How could he not feel that? How could he be alive to talk about it?

“What?” The Marshal sensed the group’s uneasiness.

“He got you good,” the Doc pulled the Marshall’s hand to his neck so he could feel where his flesh had once been.

The Marshall’s eyes widened, “Awwww, Doc. It's only a scratch…” he sputtered right before he bent over and emptied the contents of his stomach. The man turned white in seconds, began sweating profusely, and shivering at the same time.

“He's got it bad; And that ain't good,” Horace Potter took a step back, right into the Kid.

“Hey! Watch it!” the kid snapped. “I don’t want none of you touchin’ me! You’re all diseased as far as I’m concerned!”

“Them's fightin' words, mister. You’d better calm down,” Horace started, but the Marshal didn’t let him finish. He bound at Horace and ripped at his arm before the man could speak anymore.

“Jesus! Help!” Horace cried, but received no help.

The Kid fired his gun frantically at the scene, only to find his cartridge was empty. “What are we going to do?! Go find Sunshine! Quick! Someone alert Sunshine MacGillicutty.She'll want in on this!”

“I-I’ll get her! I-I’ll get help!” The Doc sputtered, and took off in a sprint. Was the Kid a goner behind him? He couldn’t wait find out. He had to find help. He had to find his wife, Sunshine!

He ran until his vision blurred, his breath rasped, and he saw little signs of downtown Vegas. The zombies had to be all around him. He could sense them around every corner, ready for every breath to be his last. But they never came. He didn’t find them. Instead, his heart pounding in his chest, and he called for his Sunshine.


She appeared like an angel behind an abandoned car. She was dirty and covered in blood but seemed otherwise unharmed.

“Sunshine! Dear God, baby! Are you alright?!” The doc sped toward his wife, but screeched to a halt when he saw her leg…what was left of it…where her flesh had been. “No…not you too!”

“It’s…Okay…Doc…babe…” she spoke slowly, forcing her dying oral muscles to speak. “It’s…all…okay…” she lumbered toward him.

“No…how can you say that? You’re dead! They’re dead! Everyone is dead!” the Doc was horrified at the scene before him. And then he saw them…the rest of them…the whole damn city emerging from buildings, cars, the earth it seemed. And they all plodded toward him.

“So…there’s…no reason…left…to…live…” her speech was impeded more now, but she forced the words. “Give…in…”

“No!” but then he felt the hands on his shoulders and his calves, dragging him down. They surrounded him and buried him in their decomposing bodies. They ripped at him, pulled at his skin, dined on his tissue. And above him, Sunshine stood, forcing a smile. “How could you do this?!” he shrilled with his last gasp of air.

“That's…just…the…measure…of…my love...buckaroo...," she stammered. “No…reason…to…live…” as she wiped a smear of his blood with her finger and sucked it off.

...QUITE unsettling.
The Nantucket Kid was fuming, again. Horace Potter watched him warily, thinking to himself, "*He's got it bad; And that ain't good."

All the Kid had talked about since they busted outta jail was gettin' revenge on that Marshall in Dodge. Horace had tagged along just cause he hadn't anything better to do. Besides, he had heard a rumor he wanted to check out, and it meant he hadda go to Dodge to do so.

Word quickly spread the Kid was back. *An eerie silence had settled over the townsfolk...QUITE unsettling.

"*Quick! Someone alert Sunshine MacGillicutty.She'll want in on this!" Cletus croaked as soon as he recognized the other man. No one knew what he meant, but he was soon limping away, quick as he could scurry.

"I hear ya got yerself hitched Marshall. Maybe we'll pay yer honey a visit and express our condolences later." The Kid goaded Marshall Dillon.

"Them's fightin' words, mister." Marshall Dillon drawled calmly.

*Horace Potter and The Kid From Nantucket glared at the U.S.Marshal. The Marshall just looked back, calm, cool and collected, as though talking about the weather.

"Hello Horace," a soft feminine voice drawled as the woman stepped off the boardwalk and stood beside the Marshall.

Sunshine was no longer dressed as the sweet, loving wife she was. Her outfit of soft suede was accessorized by only one addition, a well used gun on her hip.

Potter's eyes went wide. "Thought you was dead. You're supposed to be dead!" He drew without warning, the Kid right behind him.

Bullets flew, Potter and the Kid went down. The Marshall shouted for the Doc the moment he realized his Sunshine was on her knees.

"*Awwww, Doc..It's only a scratch." Sunshine protested with a grin. "I'm just a tad outta practice ducking."

The Marshall growled with concern. "What were you doing Sunshine? You said you had given up those things."

She smiled up at him with that secret smile she only used for him. "That's just the measure of my love, buckaroo. Stand by my man, anybody want to hurt you, has got to go through me first."

Dodge City was never the same after that day. Not only was she protected by the most famous Marshall in the country, she was now protected by the fastest gun in the west, Deputy Marshall Sunshine MacGuillicutty-Dillon.
Billy and Jesse, two cowpokes from the Territory were sitting on a fence arguing about who was the worse lawman they had run across.
Billy: "Now, I gonna tell you agin, Pat Garrett was once a friend of mine, but then he wanted to be a Sheriff. And he got it bad; And that ain't good. Not leastin' for me. I'm tellin' ya, that son of a *****, done shot me in the foot to keep me from breakin' outta his jail. And I complained. You know old Doc McAlistair came to see about me and Garrett told him, Awwww, Doc... its only a scratch. He**, I could've died from lead poisoning."
Jesse:"Awww, you could've died from that drinking that stuff that Rompero makes in the cantina."
Billy:"Them's fightin' words, mister."
Jesse: "That's Mr. Jesse to you. No, the worsted lawman I ever did see was what's name Dillon in Kansas. Now, that's a powerful man & he don't take no slack. One time in Dodge there was this Injun name Sam & he done took a white woman for his wife. The townsfolks didn't really cotton to that. And they treated that poor girl like dirt. One day, an eerie silence had settled over the townsfolks...Quite unsettling. Come to find out later that the Youngers & the Daltons rode into Dodge robbed the bank, shot the teller & wounded some old mule skinner. Dillon was outta town at the time & when he came back, he wuz madder than six wet hens. Right then wuz when the reward posters went out on that bunch. Dead or Alive, was what those posters said. Dillon went out & found 2 dudes that had been with the gang, brought them in. They tried to escape & he shot them, rat betwix their eyes. Cold harded man."
Billy: " I heard about him, no good. But Garrett's worse I tell you. Did you ever hear tell of Horace Potter and the Kid from Nantucket? Well when Garrett was in Oklahoma territory he was Marshall there, straight outta the army. Well, this here Horace Potter and the Kid from Nantucket glared at the U.S Marshal & then both pulled out their guns and Garrett shot them. Just like that...BANG...BANG...BANG...An... they wuz pushin' up daisies."
Jesse: " Hey, I know someone we can ask. She says she's been with every lawman west of the Pecos and north of Amarillo. Quick! Someone alert Sunshine McGillicutty...She'll want in on this."
Billy: " What's she gonna tell us: that's the measure of my love, buckaroo. I know Garrett & she's not his type. And I hate to think that Dillon would jump into bed with her. Naw, lets find Belle. She knows 'em both. I'm telling you, she's gonna side with me."
Jesse: "You're wrong!"

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