A Human’s cooling mechanism utilizes these properties. *is this sentence grammatically correct?*?

Presumably "these properties" refers to a preceding sentence. Your sentence is potentially correct, depending on the structure/content of that preceding sentence. OK?
No its not correct - I believe it should read "The Human cooling mechanism utilizes these properties" Whereas the previous statement "A human's cooling mechanism" is speaking in 3rd person e.g. "a dog's cooling mechanism" as opposed to "the canine cooling mechanism" are in each case grammatically correct because of inference. hope i did not confuse you too much :)
If it relies on a list of properties beforehand I suppose it could be said to be correct but if, as is more likely it implies that you are going to give a list of the properties below the sentence, then rather than ending with a full stop the words should end with a colon, i.e. : If you are in UK, your spelling is correct, if UK the word should be utilises.

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